Yellow Granite Slab

Yellow Granite Slab It is a special type of granite and has special customers. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most important suppliers of yellow granite in the Middle East. In addition, the company is one of the most reputable exporters of granite to various countries in the world.

Yellow Granite Slab

Yellow Granite Slab

Yellow Granite Slab

In today’s world, the use of granite among building stones is increasing. Granite can be an effective tool for builders due to its high strength. It does not matter if the building is a simple building or a luxury building.

In either case, the use of granite is a necessity. In addition, combining this stone with travertine or marble is very beautiful. We always recommend with manufacturers use granite in facades.

But yellow granite is produced in India, China, and Iran. Of course, it is also produced in other countries, but not in the quality of these three countries. In many cases, this stone is used as flooring or outdoors.

Certainly, the reason is the very high resistance of this stone. Naturally, many suppliers in these three countries also supply yellow granite.

Export Of Yellow Granite

Yellow Granite Slab

As you know, most granite producing countries are also exporters of this stone. These countries can sell this granite worldwide. China has been more successful in exporting yellow granite than any other country.

Iran is also one of the top producers of granite in the world. The quality of Iranian granite is almost unparalleled in the world. Granite traders are well aware of this.

Also, Iran’s facilities in sending orders are much better than other countries. If an order arrives in Europe from China within three weeks. The same order with better and cheaper granite quality will arrive in Europe within a week.

Iran’s access to international waters has made Iran the fastest shipping. We even sent an order to the Netherlands once in 4 days. This speed surprised our customers.

Iran Is The Best Distributor Of Granite

Yellow Granite Slab

Different countries producing granite have different export conditions. India and China, which are major producers of granite, are far removed from the European and American markets.

If they transport their stones by sea to Europe and America, it will take more than 3 weeks. Moreover, orders may be damaged while shipping. On the other hand, if customers do not receive the cargo, it is very difficult to return the cargo.

But due to its proximity to Europe and the United States, Iran delivers in less than a week. So, yellow granite slab export is our specialty.

The Best Granite Supplier In The Middle East

Yellow Granite Slab

If you are looking for an easy and hassle-free supply, you must know us. The Marvelous Stone Company accepts all responsibilities for customer satisfaction.

We are responsible for producing granite, transporting cargo from the factory to customs, performing customs affairs, loading on ships, taxes, and cargo insurance.

You only order granite and have it delivered to your country’s customs. It does not matter where you are in the world, we send stones to the whole world. Please contact our sales experts to get the price list of granite types.

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