Iranian marble supplier

Iranian marble supplier All kinds of marble stones have been exported to almost all the countries of the world. In fact, Iran is the most important producer of marble stones in the world.
Considering the different needs in the continents of the world, only Iran can supply these orders due to the diversity in the production of these stones.

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Iranian marble supplier

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Marble stones are one of the most widely used and important building stones in the world. As you know, many countries in the world are producing all kinds of marble stones.
The most important producers of these stones in the world are Iran, Italy, India, China, Greece, and Turkey. But in terms of diversity, no country has a variety of marble mines in Iran.
Statistics show that more than 220 types of marble are produced in Iran. These stones also have a high variety of colors. Some of the most famous marble colors are white, cream, golden black, yellow, black, spider, and smoke.
It is interesting to know that China is one of the largest importers of marble and onyx stones from Iran. After buying blocks of stones from Iran, the Chinese cut those stones in their country and exported them to other countries of the world.

The history of marble production in Iran

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Since 3000 years ago, many buildings have been built in Iran with all kinds of stones. After a long time since the construction of these buildings, it is still standing and it amazes the architects.
These stones are usually used in the construction of palaces, fire temples, mosques, and statues. In the contemporary era, these stones are still used in the construction of various projects.

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