Import black marble

Import black marble From where? It is the most important question that importers of black marble stones ask our colleagues. The production of black marble stones in producing countries is not as much as the production of white marble stones.
But there are many demands in the world markets for these stones. One of the largest producers and exporters of black marble stones in the world is the Marvelous Stone Company.

Golden black marble price

Import black marble

pietra gray marble price

I hope you have seen all kinds of black marble stones up close. Of course, you have definitely seen these stones in different places. They are very beautiful stones and have special veins.
These veins may be black or golden. Anyway, these stones are very special and beautiful, and many customers in the world are interested in using these stones in their projects.
When this desire exists, questions naturally arise in the buyer’s mind. Most of these questions are about quality and price. Even some buyers are interested to receive these stones as samples and analyze these stones through the laboratories of their country.
On the other hand, some buyers are worried about the delivery time of their orders.

Production of black marble

price for marble stone

Some of our colleagues can only produce black marble slabs. while others can only produce black marble tiles. The Marvelous stone company can produce and supply black marble tiles and slabs of the best quality and in any size.
Iran is one of the most important producers of black marble stones in the world. We produce all kinds of Petra Gray black marble, Najaf Abad black marble, 3D Black black marble, and Symphony black marble with the highest quality.

Black marble price

the price of the marble stone

Building stones, especially marble stones, have certain prices in the world markets. Almost the price of these stones in the world is known. Therefore, no one can offer a higher price in the market of marble stones.
Because it loses its customers. The Marvelous stone company’s effort in selling black marble stones has always been to provide the best prices for the buyers of these stones.
To know the price of our stones, please contact our colleagues in the sales department.

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