Wholesale Travertine Floor Tile

Wholesale Travertine Floor Tile It is one of the sales models of travertine in producing countries. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best travertine wholesalers in Iran. The company also exports large quantities of travertine to Iran’s neighboring countries.

wholesale travertine floor tile

The most important travertine wholesalers

wholesale travertine floor tile

In today’s world, many countries produce and extract travertine. Major exports and sales of this stone are also abundant in the global markets of building stones.

Travertine has received a lot of attention from customers in the last decade due to its features. Although this type of stone does not have the beauty of marble, it has very good resistance.

It should be noted that most builders prefer to use this stone in outdoor spaces. Most developing countries have travertine customers. The most important producers of travertine are Turkey, Italy, and Greece.

At present, these countries have extensive exports of travertine in the world. Meanwhile, Turkey has the largest volume of travertine exports in the world.

The country has good machinery and equipment for the production and extraction of travertine.

Wholesale Travertine Floor Tile

Wholesale Travertine Floor Tile

It is one of the best wholesalers and exporters of travertine in Iran. Iran is the fourth-largest producer of building stones with abundant reserves. Most cities in Iran have built stone mines.

Mahallat is one of the most famous travertine producing cities in Iran. Sang Mahallat is world-famous and has many customers in the four corners of the world. This group of stones has different colors. Such as white travertine, yellow travertine, brown travertine.

Travertine exports in Iran are mostly to Iraq, UAE, Russia, and China. These countries are the main customers of travertine due to their easy access to Iran.

Of course, we can also mention India, which is one of the customers of various building stones in Iran. It is safe to say that the price of travertine in Iran is very cheap and of course the quality of this stone is high.

So if you are looking for cheap travertine, be sure to choose the Iranian market.

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