Wholesale Marble Slabs

Wholesale Marble Slabs 2020 is a little different. The Marvelous Stone Company is the top wholesaler of marble slabs in the Middle East. In addition, the company has a long history of exporting various types of marble slabs to various countries.

wholesale marble slabs

Wholesale Marble Slabs

Wholesale Marble Slabs

The market for selling marble slabs in 2019 is going through its normal ups and downs. But suddenly in 2020, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the market experienced a major recession.

Most countries importing marble slabs closed their borders and import permits were revoked. Fortunately, after a while, these countries reopened their borders, and exports and imports resumed.

Unfortunately, during the recession, most factories suffered heavy losses. Another difficult period has begun to make up for that period. Market experts believe that most importers will reduce their orders during this period.

The reason for this decrease could be the lack of customers in the markets of those countries.

The Most Important Importers Of Marble Slabs

wholesale marble slabs

What are the most important importers of marble slabs? China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, and Pakistan are the major importers of marble slabs. In fact, these countries have large consumer markets.

Also, most of these countries, especially China, with its large population, have many needs. To meet the needs of this population, this country needs to import all kinds of goods.

The most important commodities are raw materials for construction. One of the best types of stones is a marble. Marble slabs have many customers in the world.

Because this stone has a lot of quality and color variety. Like pink marble, red marble, golden black marble. In terms of quality, the quality of this stone can be different in different countries.

Best Wholesale Marble Slabs

wholesale marble slabs

Iran is without a doubt the best wholesaler of marble slabs in the Middle East. The country has many marble mines in different cities. Moreover, Iran is one of the best suppliers of marble to Arab countries and Russia, China, India, and East Asia.

In previous articles, I have explained in detail about the benefits of supplying marble slabs from Iran. You can refer to these articles and read them. Please contact our consultants to get the price list of marble slabs.


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