Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Warehouse Granit In Tehran Located in different cities. The Marvelous Stone Company has different warehouses in different cities of Iran. This company has different factories and warehouses in Tehran, Isfahan, Dehbid, Mahallat, and Yazd. The company also has various stone mines in these cities.

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Nowadays, in most granite producing countries, we see that there are many factories. These factories produce and supply various types of granite. In fact, all types of granite are transferred to warehouses after cutting and polishing.

Well, in the warehouses, these stones are placed regularly and ready to be visited by customers. As well as this, granite tiles and granite slabs can be seen in these warehouses.

The Most Important Cities Producing Granite

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Naturally, granite is produced in many cities in Iran. Cities such as Nehbandan, Birjand, Yazd and Mashhad are important cities producing granite.

Of course, the quality of granite produced in these cities is very different from each other. I do not intend to define Iranian granite, but I have not seen anything like it in any other country.

I have traveled to many countries on business. Also, I have seen many granite producing countries and also visited many mines and factories. So, I have not seen granite with the quality of Iranian granite in almost any country. Iranian black granite is unique in the world.

Granite Suppliers In Iran

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

Iran, as one of the most reputable producers and suppliers of granite, has many warehouses. In fact, these warehouses are located in different cities. Kashan, Natanz, Nehbandan, Tuyserkan, Zahedan, Azarshahr, Yazd, Khorramdare, and Birjand are among the most important cities. Many granite warehouses can be found in all these cities.

Granite Warehouses

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

These warehouses are usually used to store cut stones. But some companies make these warehouses an exhibition. They are looking to bring customers to these warehouses and they can easily choose their gems.

I went to a stone exhibition in Greece. My goal in this visit was to choose a special type of granite. I must admit that this exhibition was very beautiful. Do not forget, I could not find that stone there. But I found good friends there.

Marvelous stone company warehouses

Warehouse Granit In Tehran

As a famous exporter, our company has many mines, factories and warehouses in Iran. Before the outbreak of coronavirus, we used to take customers to different places to visit these places.

Unfortunately, with the outbreak of this disease, customers are interested in shopping online. Moreover, we are ready to buy in person and online, dear customers. If you went to buy granite Please contact our sales experts to get the price list of granite types.

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