Travertine Wholesale

Travertine Wholesale One of the best ways to supply stone is with customers. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers and wholesalers of travertine in Iran. The company has extensive experience in exporting this stone.

travertine wholesale

Wholesale Travertine Tile

travertine wholesale

As you know, travertine tile is one of the most beautiful tiles. Nowadays, the use of this type of tile has become very common among manufacturers. One of the most important reasons for using this tile is its high resistance.

This stone has good resistance to climate change and rainfall. The next factor, as I said at the beginning, is its beauty and it calms the atmosphere. In today’s world, many wholesalers sell travertine block. These wholesalers operate in different countries of the world and are present in international markets.

Wholesale Travertine Quarry Direct

travertine wholesale

The growing growth of the construction industry has led to the widespread use of building stones. Most buyers prefer to buy travertine without intermediaries and directly from the mines.

It should be noted that this does not happen in all countries producing this stone. In most travertine mines, the stones are quickly transported to factories after extraction and are ready to be cut.

Or buyers buy coupes or half-coupes together and order them to cut stones. This is quite an agreement and it happens between the customer and the owners of the mines.

Travertine Wholesale

travertine wholesale

Travertine wholesale is most common among stone traders and large travertine suppliers. Suppliers also buy their major travertine from mines. Stone traders around the world are looking for countries that produce this stone. They buy these stones as slabs or tiles and import them to their home countries. They then sell to customers in retail.

Hight Quality Travertine Coupe

travertine wholesale

In the previous section, I explained that traders sometimes buy directly from mines. They transfer the coupes or semi-coupes to the factories after purchase. There, the coupes are sliced and sliced into slabs.

Then they are ready to polish. Eventually, they are sold either as slabs or as tiles. The quality of this type of stone depends on many factors.
1- The climate of the region
2- The soil type of the region
3- Soil resistance
4- The number of metals in the soil
The issue of travertine quality is one of the most important issues for customers. They try to use a high-quality stone in their buildings. So, travertine wholesale can be very effective for today’s business.

Wholesale Travertine Stone Flooring

travertine wholesale

I also said at the beginning of this article that the use of flooring has become very common. Where can we buy flooring in bulk? It depends on where you want to use the travertine floor.

We can use this set of stones
1- Living room
2- Kitchen
3- Bathroom
4- Patio
5- Yard
6- Around the pool
7- Flooring the outer space of the house
Let’s use it. Each of these locations requires a specific type of flooring, and their cut is different. Keep in mind that when buying, don’t forget to install these stones.

If we use flooring for outdoor spaces, they should be thicker. Wholesale sales of this stone also occur more in countries producing travertine pavers. These countries have many customers in the world.

Travertine Slab

travertine wholesale

Travertine slabs are very popular with traders of this stone. These slabs have an excellent rating of up to 3 degrees. The premium travertine slab is used in the construction of luxury and royal buildings.

Iran is one of the best manufacturers of travertine slabs in the world. The quality of Mahallat travertine is unparalleled in the world. These mines are located in the city of Mahallat, which is one of the best areas in the world for travertine mining.

Many customers in the world want to buy this stone from Iran. This type of stone is sold both travertine wholesale and travertine retail.

Travertine Tile And Natural Stone Distributor

travertine wholesale

I think the bulk distribution of travertine tiles requires expertise. We can be a distributor in domestic markets or export. The two markets are very different.

In the domestic market, it is easier to work. But for export, the issue is a bit complicated. It’s a little hard to understand the basic needs of foreign customers. At first, they can’t easily trust.

After the issue of trust, the issue of quality and price is raised. Negotiations with foreign customers sometimes take 4 or 5 months. Then comes the issue of transportation. Furthermore, this is a very important issue in determining the price of a stone. However, it is not an easy task.

Wholesale Travertine Near Me

travertine wholesale

Customers of travertine can easily find wholesalers of this stone by searching on the Internet. There are many suppliers of this type of stone in Iran. It should be noted that Iran ranks 4th in the production of building stones.

There are many mines of travertine in Iran. One of the most important cities producing this stone is Mahallat. Mahallat travertine is world-famous.

The quality of this stone and its variety of colors are wonderful. More additionally, this group of stones has a very reasonable price and stone traders in most parts of the world are interested in buying it. We also recommend you to buy this travertine if you are going to buy it.

Travertine In Interiors

travertine wholesale

This stone is used in almost all parts of the building. But interior designers often use a combination of travertine and marble to design interiors. This combination creates very beautiful spaces.

The variety of colors of this stone makes designers have many choices. White, yellow, or silver travertine is often used indoors. Moreover, it should be noted that if you do not have the correct information when buying, be sure to consult with professionals. Be sure to use specialists for installation.

A Reputable Travertine Wholesaler

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the famous brands in Iran. The company is a major wholesaler and supplier. In addition, the main specialty of the company is the Marvelous stone company distribution and travertine export.

Our company has many customers all over the world. The company has many years of experience in international markets. If you are looking for a reputable wholesaler, be sure to contact us.

Our company provides you with quality travertine at the best price and in the shortest time. So, finally, please contacts us to get the travertine price list.

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