Travertine Stone Quarry

Travertine Stone Quarry It exists in different countries of the world. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers of travertine in the Middle East. This company supplies customers’ orders from travertine mines in Iran. The company is also a leader in the export of travertine.

travertine stone quarry

Travertine Stone Quarry

Travertine Stone Quarry

Travertine mines exist in different countries and on different continents. The quality of travertine varies in different countries. Experts believe that Iranian travertine is one of the best types of travertine in the world.

This type of stone is extracted in the form of a travertine block and sent to the factory for cutting.

About Travertine Stone

travertine stone quarry

The travertine mine is the site of extraction of this emerging rock, which has gradually given way to granite facades. Travertine is one of the porous limestones.

A stone between marble and lime that is found in abundance near hot springs, especially limestone caves. The variety of colors and high patterns of travertine stones have made them an ideal choice.

Like yellow travertine, gray travertine. In addition to designing the facades of buildings, for walls, pool floors, flooring, and paving.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travertine

travertine stone quarry

Until a few years ago, travertine was known as one of the most luxurious and expensive decorative stones. But recently, due to the increase in its supply in the market.

The significant decrease in price and high diversity, it has found a special place among urban people. Especially travertine is the best choice for environments with hot climates.

Also, its reasonable price for its long life attracts every buyer. Numerous cavities in the travertine texture make the stone surface not polished and slippery. It is a good choice for flooring surfaces that have high humidity.

Long life and extremely high strength of travertine stones are another important competitive advantage. Moreover, they have high chemical and thermal resistance and are especially suitable for cold environments at higher thicknesses.

In any case, with the above mentioned, travertine is the best option for use in its suitable Mahallat.

Travertine Mines In Iran

travertine stone quarry

There are many travertine quarries in Iran. But the best mine belongs to the city of Mahallat. Mahallat city is located in the southeast of Markazi province.

More additionally, that 60% of the country’s travertine is extracted from local mines. Mahallat travertine is one of the best examples whose special quality and whiteness are famous in the world.

The famous mines of Mahallat are Atashkooh, Abbasabad, Darreh Bukhari, and Hajiabad mines. Furthermore, many customers can find cheap travertine in Iran. Iran is the best travertine wholesale in the Middle East.

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