Travertine Quarries

Travertine Quarries They exist in different parts of the world. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the top suppliers and distributors of travertines in Iran. The company supplies customer orders directly from the mines. The company is also a reputable brand in the export of building stones to different parts of the world.

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travertine quarries

Travertine Quarries

Travertine Quarries

Many countries in the world today are producing and extracting different types of travertine in the world. In these mines, travertine is extracted in the form of travertine blocks and is offered in different qualities.

Travertine is an important stone in construction. The uses of this stone in buildings are very wide. This beautiful stone is extracted and produced in different colors.

Such as silver travertine, yellow travertine, gray travertine. It should be noted that travertine is produced in different countries and supplied to world stone markets.

Furthermore, the best type of travertine in the world is extracted in Asian countries that produce this stone.

Important Travertine Mines

travertine quarries

The most important travertine mines in the world are in Iran. Of course, many countries produce travertine, but the best travertine is produced in Iran.

Many cities in Iran have travertine mines. More additionally, the quality of Iranian travertine is almost unparalleled. Many customers in the world are looking to buy Iranian travertine.

As you know, Mahallat travertine and Abbasabad travertine are very famous in Iran. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best distributors, wholesalers and exporters of this stone.

So, travertine traders prefer to supply this stone from Iran. Please contact our experts to get the travertine price list.

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