Special sale onyx slabs

Special sale onyx slabs, Fortunately, they are abundant in Iran. All kinds of factories and suppliers in different cities of Iran are producing and supplying onyx stones. Iran is one of the largest centers of production and supply of onyx stones in the world.

Special sale onyx slabs

Special sale onyx slabs

Special sale onyx slabs

Many countries are producing all kinds of onyx stones. Some of these countries are so-called market leaders. Undoubtedly, these countries are among the advanced and developed countries in the world and use modern technology in their production.
But what is Iran’s role in this? As a developing country, what capabilities does Iran have in this market? Does Iran have the ability to compete with the giants of the world in this field?
Let us answer these questions little by little. But before that, it is necessary to explain a little more about the infrastructure of the building stone industry, especially onyx stones.
In fact, the building stone industry in Iran has a long history. In the past, due to their high physical strength, Iranians used to extract stones from the mountains with only a hammer.
With the passage of time and the entry of industry into Iran, many people were attracted to this field and began to produce all kinds of building stones.
Fortunately, this country has a high variety of different building stones. Various mines of building stones in Iran were reopened over time and many people were attracted to work in mines in this market.

Variety of onyx stones in Iran

Special sale onyx slabs

We mentioned earlier that there are many mines of onyx stones in Iran. These mines extract all kinds of onyx stones in different colors and qualities.
Iran is one of the largest suppliers of onyx stones in the Middle East. It is true that there are not enough facilities for good mining in the country.
But the variety of stones has covered this problem. Fortunately, Iranian onyx is highly accepted by neighboring countries as well as domestic customers.
For this reason, there is always an order in this market. Of course, let’s skip the orders that we cannot produce in Iran. But most of these orders can be supplied and produced.
A small part of the sale of onyx stones is related to the domestic market. Usually in Iran, these stones are used for luxury projects. In addition, many countries in the world are willing to import onyx stones from Iran.
Anyway, all the efforts of our colleagues in this industry in Iran are to provide the best onyx stone products in the world markets.

Customers of onyx stones for special sale

Special sale onyx slabs

Onyx buyers can be found all over the world. Because this stone is one of the stones that can satisfy all tastes buy this stone due to its high variety.
For example, East Asian countries are very interested in blue, green, and pink onyx stones. But European countries prefer white, cream, lemon, and orange.
The people of the Middle East also like romance, princesses, diamonds, and black roses. The Marvelous stone company knows all tastes and produces and markets onyx stones according to the needs of its buyers. For this reason, our company has a high experience in the production and export of all kinds of building onyx stones.

Iran in the world market of onyx stones

Black rose onyx suppliers

In fact, Iran is one of the largest suppliers of onyx stones in the world. Many countries of the world call us daily and request to buy all kinds of onyx stones.
Even Italy is one of the buyers of these stones. European people have different tastes in buying building stones. Fortunately, our company knows these needs and has taken action to solve them.
Most European buyers like bright onyx stones and are interested in buying these stones. It is very important to know that many countries in the world buy these stones from Iran for their customers and export them to other countries in the world under their own names. Do not forget about it, The Marvelous stone company is number one in the special sale onyx slabs.

The best exporter of Onyx

onyx stone slabs suppliers

One of the top manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and exporters of onyx stones is the Marvelous stone company. This company has had many experiences in the field of production and export of these stones. The most important feature of our company is produced according to international standards.
In terms of price, our prices are always fair. It is interesting to know, that our company started its work in the production of these stones by producing only one model of onyx princess stones.
But today we produce all kinds of blue, pink, green, white, cream, orange, and lemon onyx stones. In addition, we invite you to visit our factories, mines, and warehouses in different cities.
Experience the sweet experience of a quick, easy and cheap purchase with our company. The best experts in Iran’s stone industry are ready to serve you. The Marvelous stone company means an international team and experts in onyx construction stones in the Middle East.


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