Red Marble Stone Price In Iran

Red Marble Stone Price In Iran It is one of the cheapest and highest quality types of marble in the global market. The Marvelous Stone Company is a major supplier of this stone in Asia. Our consulting team guides customers in choosing the right stone.

red marble stone price in Iran

About Red Marble Stone

Marble, which is one of the most widely used building stones. Due to their different colors and textures, marble stones provide designers with unique facilities for creating designs and forms.
These stones have special acceptability for execution on the floor of residential units. It should be noted that the total number of marble reserves in Iran reaches more than 165 million tons.
Do not forget to produce marble in Central Iran are Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Isfahan, and Kurdistan. Red marble is also one of the acceptable stones in construction applications.

red marble stone price in Iran

Bajestan Marble Is The Best Red Marble

Bajestan marble mines are located in Khorasan province. marble has a bright red color along with color and wave play. The lines and waves are bolder than the background color of the stone.
On the surface of the stone, pink halos are seen in pieces, which doubles its beauty. The color of the Bajestan marble factory exposed to sunlight will fade over time, so it is not suitable for exterior views.
Therefore, the most common applications of this stone are in the interior walls of buildings, floors, stairs, and cabinets.

red marble stone price in Iran

Kashan Red Marble

 It is one of the red marble stones of Iran that its design is similar to red granite stones. Its low tolerance, resistance, and low porosity have made this stone welcomed by domestic and foreign customers in the short time it has been exploited. 
Kashan red marble is exported as a cup and processed. This marble is also called red spring stone. This type of marble is generally used in paving stones and interior facades of buildings. Also, we recommend you try marble pavers for paving your building.
There are the most important applications of this kind of marble is used as the floor and body stone of the building, elevator frame, fireplace, and lobby of luxury buildings.

Red Marble Stone Price In Iran

As you know, the price of marble in Iran is very different. Of course, the price of the stone depends on several factors. These factors include the type of stone, the color of the stone, its thickness, size, and strength.
However, the price of red marble in Bajestan is about $ 8.
Our company specializes in supplying and exporting quality red marble.
Our customers can buy this beautiful stone from us at the cheapest price and in the fastest possible time. To receive the price list, please contact our experts.

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