Onyx Manufacturer & Suppliers In Iran

Onyx Manufacturer & Suppliers In Iran They operate very widely. So that most of Iran’s neighboring countries know these producers well. We want to talk to you a little about the production of onyx stones in Iran.

onyx manufacturer & suppliers in Iran

Onyx Manufacturer & Suppliers In Iran

Onyx Manufacturer & Suppliers In Iran

Production and sale of onyx stone has a very long history. Our ancestors in this land first made various stone vessels with these stones. Over time, these stones were used in the construction of palaces, fire temples and mosques.

But today, these stones are used for the beauty of luxury buildings. You must know that Iran has many mines of various onyx stones. These stones have been highly regarded by foreign customers. Most of Iran’s neighbors buy these stones from Iran. The beauty of these stones is stunning. Onyx types are used for flooring and interior walls.

Export Of All Kinds Of Onyx Stones

onyx manufacturer & suppliers in Iran

Supply of onyx stones to international markets is one of the main tasks of manufacturers. Of course, manufacturers in different degrees certainly have different goals. In addition, the quality of production in Iran is very different. But usually strong onyx producers in Iran produce for export.

The quality of these products is very high and internationally. To import these stones, we usually contact our partners from different countries. As well as this, most of our customers are interested in seeing the production line of these stones up close. In many cases, our partners provide arrangements for customers to travel to Iran. After visiting our factory and showroom, these customers become very interested in doing big business with us.

Onyx Stone Supply In The Market

onyx manufacturer & suppliers in Iran

Statistics show that Iran is one of the largest producers of onyx in the world. These products are sold in both domestic and international markets. So, we recommend you, the buyers of these stones, to follow the onyx markets in Iran. Also, the price of these stones in Iran is very cheap compared to European and American markets. Well, contact us now for more information.


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  3. Please provide more information about onyx stones, applications, price, and how to buy them.

  4. I traveled to Iran earlier this year to buy onyx stone. I came to your factory in Isfahan and saw the production line. I liked your work very much. I will come to Iran next month to buy stones.

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