Marble Stone Wholesale

Marble Stone Wholesale It is a very common trade in marble producing countries. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the top wholesalers and suppliers of marble in the Middle East. This company is a leader in exporting all kinds of marble blocks, marble slabs to different countries of the world.

marble stone wholesale

Marble Stone Wholesale

Marble Stone Wholesale

Nowadays, the marble trade is as important to countries as it was in the past. Many countries are developing. These countries need raw materials and building stones for development.

One of the most important building materials is a marble. This beautiful stone has been considered from the distant past until now. In today’s world, this stone is used to build luxury buildings.

Also, marble is produced in different qualities and colors in different countries. Most marble customers’ favorite color is white. But this stone also has colors such as pink marble, red marble, and black marble.

In Iran, more than 180 types of marble are produced in different cities of Iran.

The Most Important Importers Of Marble

marble stone wholesale

Most countries need marble for construction. The most important importers of marble in the world are countries such as China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, and Greece.

China’s imports have already been described in detail in previous articles. Egypt is a developing country with a great historical civilization. They also need to import various building stones such as marble for development.

Greece, like Egypt, has a great historical civilization and, of course, is itself a producer of marble. It should be noted that Chinese Taipei, like other importers of marble, is developing.

In the architecture of each of these countries, marble is used in different parts of buildings. In the following, we will explain the best supplier of marble.

Iran Is The Best Supplier Of Marble

marble stone wholesale

Supplying Iranian marble has many benefits for customers. Cheap price of quality marble can be the most important feature of marble supply from Iran.

Moreover, customers can obtain 5-star marble from Iran. Low wages of workers, cheap fuel are other benefits of supplying this stone from Iran. I think the most important feature for customers is Iran’s excellent access to international waters and roads.

This allows customers’ orders to reach them in the shortest possible time. Iran is the bridge between the east and the west of the world geographically. Please contact our consultants to get the price list of different types of marble.


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