Marble Stone Supply

Marble Stone Supply One of the concerns of construction project managers. The Marvelous Stone Company can help you to prevent this concern. This company is one of the very good suppliers and distributors of marble in Iran. In addition, the Marvelous Stone Company is also one of the most reputable brands in the export of marble.

marble stone supply

What Is Marble?

marble stone supply

It is a type of limestone that over time, under pressure, forms rough and veined calcite. In addition, It differs from travertine in that it has no pores and is streaked.

Everybody should know that marble is a very old and historical stone and our ancestors also used it. Of course, its use apparently originated in ancient Greece, and they used this stone to build temples and palaces.

Artists also used this stone to make large and beautiful sculptures. In Iran, the use of marble goes back a long way. However, this beautiful stone has been used in different historical periods until now. Nowadays, marble is widely used in royal and luxury buildings.

Marble Mines In The World

marble stone supply

Many marble mines are found in different countries of the world. There are many marble mines in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe. As you know this stone has different qualities according to its environmental and geographical conditions.

The ratio of resistance and water absorption of this stone is different in different continents of the world. I should add that marble is available in many colors in the world, the most famous of which is white marble.

As well as this, Marble in Italy has the highest ranking in the marble market in the world. Among the marble producing countries, Italy and China rank first and second, followed by India and Greece.

Marble Mines In Iran

marble stone supply

Marble mines in Iran, like most countries in the world, are abundant. Iran is one of the top four producers of building stones in the world. Many cities in Iran have many marble mines.

This beautiful stone, like most countries in the world, has many customers. Marble producers in Iran are mostly in the cities of Mahallat, Isfahan, Kashan, and Rafsanjan. Marble mines in Iran have different colors. Such as red marble, pink marble, yellow marble, and golden black.

More additionally, this group of stones has different methods of extraction. Most of the machines in the mines suffer a lot of damage and maintenance costs are high.

Fortunately, new mines are being explored and exploited in Iran. It can be hoped that in the near future Iran will be added to the list of major exporters of marble.

Supply Of Marble In The World

marble stone supply

Marble is supplied in different ways in the world. It is important to know that this type of stone has a different quality. For example, customers looking for 5 star marble contact suppliers in Italy.

Buyers looking for second-class stone will contact the Chinese, Iranians, and Indians. The business model of businessmen in each country is different. Moreover, major buyers of marble in Asia prefer to source their stone from China, India, or Iran.

But in Europe, customers prefer to buy stones from Italy and Greece. Customer behavior in the world is very different and each of them is looking for their own profit.

As a result, providing marble in the world requires experience, knowledge, and skills. Finally, I do believe that the marble stone supply is almost a complicated topic.

Marble Export In The World

marble stone supply

Marble exports to the world have continued since ancient times. In today’s world, most countries are developing and growing. This growth is also happening in its infrastructure sector.

Construction and development of infrastructure are one of the most important goals of governments. That is why construction has grown in these countries and continues to this day.

Statistics show that in 2019, Italy was the leading exporter of marble in the world. After Italy, China and India were next. However, in 2020, with the release of COVID-19 in the world, all markets suffered a sharp decline.

The market for marble and other building stones also experienced a sharp decline. One should hope for the coming months and the growth and development of the marble market in the world.

Marble Stone Supply In Iran

marble stone supply

Supplying marble from Iran can be a great choice for customers. Iran is one of the best suppliers of this type of stone in the world with its many marble mines.

The quality of marble in Iran is very high and in this respect, it can compete with the best marbles in the world. Another important issue is the price. This is very important for marble customers.

The price of marble in Iran is very cheap compared to other countries. Because labor in Iran is very cheap and fuel and transportation are also cheap.

In the end, the cost is much lower than in other countries in the world. Another important issue is the speed of transportation in Iran. Due to its connection to international waters and having important ports.

this country can deliver orders to its destination quickly. So, the marble stone supply from Iran is very beneficial for buyers. Well, marble supply from Iran can be a good experience for marble buyers I guess.

An Important Recommendation

marble stone supply

In this section, let me introduce one of the best marble suppliers in Iran. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most reputable brands in the distribution and wholesale of marble in Iran.

The company is also one of the best exporters of this type of stone. The Marvelous Stone Company has been operating in the international building stone markets for many years. Marble stone supply is one of the best specialties.

Our most important priorities are honesty, quality, and speed. Honesty with customers, quality of export stones, and speed in transportation operations are very important for us.

If you are marble importers and looking for high-quality marble and reasonable price, be sure to contact us. Please contact our experts to get the price list of marble.

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