Marble Stone Supply

Marble Stone Supply This is a very important issue for builders. The Marvelous stone company can be a great choice for marble supply. This company is one of the best wholesalers and distributors of this stone in Iran.

marble stone supply

What Is Marble Stone?

marble stone supply

Marble is a natural stone that has been used in the past. This stone is one of the most important building stones in the world. This type of stone is one of the most popular building stones for various reasons.

This group of stones is available in a variety of qualities and colors. Most construction projects are interested in using this stone in their buildings. Furthermore, most of the designers prefer to use divers marble for interior decorating. This is mainly because marble makes a positive atmosphere.

More addition, this stone available marble slab, tile, and marble pavers in the market.

Applications Of Marble

marble stone supply

As I said before, marble has many uses. Of course, it is important to know that this type of stone is used in buildings based on its quality. This type of stone is used in both cheap and expensive buildings.

This beautiful stone is highly regarded by luxury buildings and more in
1- Living room
2- Lobby
3- Bath
4- Kitchen
Is used. In addition, the use of this stone is developing every day.

Marble Producing Countries

marble stone supply

In today’s world, many countries are producing marble. But some of these countries have a long history of producing this group of stones. These countries have been operating in the marble market of the world for many years.

Countries such as China, India, Italy, Turkey, and Iran are among the oldest countries producing this type of stone. As you know, the quality of the stone is different in each of these countries.

It is safe to say that marble is a very high quality in Italy. Interestingly, this type of stone has been used in most of the historical monuments of this country.

Iranian Marble

marble stone supply

Iran is one of the oldest marble producers in the world. The quality of marble in Iran is very high and this stone has many customers in Iran and all over the world.

Marble mines in Iran are located in different cities. This beautiful stone is available in different colors in Iran. There are colors such as golden black, yellow marble, white marble, blue, green, and even pink in Iran.

Iranians are very interested in this stone and most buildings are designed with this stone. Marble is used in most of the old palaces in Iran. Nowadays, most designers use this type of stone in different colors to create comfort in interiors.

Marble Stone Supply

marble stone supply

Marble stone supply is one of the main concerns of builders. They are trying to buy a high-quality stone to use. On the other hand, stone traders are also present in this market and buy wholesale.

There are many countries that supply marble. The most important marble suppliers in the world are China, Italy, Turkey, and Iran. Most marble customers in the world buy their stones from these countries.

Marble Exports

marble stone supply

Statistics show that in 2018, the first rank of marble exports in the world is Italy at $ 700m. It is followed by Italy, Turkey, China, India, and Spain. As I said before, the quality of Italian marble is unparalleled in the world.

Of course, it should be said that the price of this stone is very expensive in Italy and in most developed countries, customers are looking for the cheaper stone.

In addition, marble importers tend to buy 5 star marble. This kind of marble is really expensive. So, I do believe that the marble stone supply is really hard work. Because this is true, it is special work and it is no easy task.

Marble Exports To Iran

marble stone supply

Statistics show that in 2017, marble exports to Iran grew by 17%. The export of building stones, especially marble, has a long history in Iran. In the past, most of Iran’s neighbors bought the stones they needed from Iran. Marble stone supply It is a very large market in Iran.

In today’s world, construction statistics have increased in most developed countries. So the marble market is a development. Due to the diversity of marble, Iran has always been of interest to customers around the world.

Wholesalers In Iran

marble stone supply

There are many distributors and suppliers in Iran who supply marble to domestic and foreign customers. These suppliers have categories, some of which I will mention.

The first category is the owners of marble mines. These people spend most of their time in mining and do not have enough time to deal with customers.

The second group is the marble factory owners. These groups are also very involved in repairing and maintaining machines and do not have time to handle sales.

The third category is the group that prepares stones from the first and second categories and prepares them for sale. Customers are more likely to connect with these people. So, they are marble wholesale in this market.

Introducing A Good Supplier

marble stone supply

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the suppliers of marble in Iran. This company has been operating in the international stone markets in the world for many years.

In addition, the Marvelous Stone Company has many customers around the world. Our company is one of the reputable brands among customers in Iran.

More additionally, the company has professional teams of consultants and salespeople. The consulting team guides clients in choosing the right stone. The sales team also supplies the customer gems and prepares them for shipment.

If you are in the market for buying and selling building stones, be sure to trade with us once. Take this advice seriously. Our company is serious and honest in business.


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