Marble Stone Pavers

Marble Stone Pavers One of the best and most beautiful floorings for indoor and outdoor spaces. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers and distributors of marble flooring in Iran. In addition, this company is a reputable brand in the export and wholesale of these floors.

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marble stone pavers

Marble Stone Pavers

Marble Stone Pavers

There are many different types of flooring. The type of natural flooring usually depends on the type and material of the stone. As you know, marble, travertine, and granite floors are mostly used.

Meanwhile, marble floors have more customers due to their beauty and transparency. These floors are available in different colors in the markets. Most buyers are looking for white marble and cream marble flooring.

Of course, today in most buildings, a combination of marble and travertine floors is used. This group of floors needs more care than other types. During the installation and commissioning of these floors, good materials should be used to strengthen and increase the strength of these floors.

Supply Of Marble Flooring

marble stone pavers

Many suppliers in different countries of the world supply marble flooring. It should be noted that each country has its own laws and costs vary from country to country.

In general, suppliers are mostly active in marble producing countries. The most important marble producing countries in the world are Italy, China, India, and Turkey.

Italy is very famous in the production and extraction of 5 star marble. China and India also have large exports and a large volume of marble flooring supplies to these two countries.

Turkey is also a successful exporter of marble. But Iran is also one of the best manufacturers and exporters of marble flooring in Asia. Iran is one of the most important marble producing countries in the world with its abundant mineral reserves.

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