Marble Stone Buyers In China

Marble Stone Buyers In China They can experience a great purchase from the Iranian market. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the old partners of Chinese businessmen. The company usually meets the needs of Chinese customers. Our company strives every day to develop its relationship with marble importers in China.

marble stone buyers in china

Chinese Marble Buyer

This expensive stone with a variety of materials, quality, color, and dimensions is abundant in Iranian mines. Owners of marble mines prepare and sell this precious stone with the dimensions desired by customers. This special stone has a hot market in addition to domestic customers in other countries.
Iran’s marble mines are exported to many countries around the world. China is one of the largest exporters of Iranian marble. One of the unique features of marble is the passage of light through the heart of this stone. This outstanding feature has led China, which considers itself the birthplace of stone sculptures, to create a variety of stone sculptures.
Chinese buyers and customers import high-quality and popular coupes from Iran to China and process them using advanced technology.

marble stone buyers in china

China The Buyer Of Marble Stone

Last year, China imported more than $ 258 million worth of marble, travertine, and coal worth about $ 51 million from Iran. Buying and importing coupe marble by customers and buyers of this stone in China has become one of the largest businesses in this country.
Chinese buyers buy marble as a coupon from the owner of a mine in Iran. After being transferred to China and processed in various forms at a higher price, it is exported to other countries.

marble stone buyers in china

Marble Buyers From China

Marble importers in China have traded heavily with Iranian suppliers over the past decade. This trade has led to the development and growth of marble mining in Iran.
Of course, this has also affected the price of this beautiful stone. China is one of the largest importers of Iranian stone in the world.

marble stone buyers in china

Marble Stone Buyers In China

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best exporters of building stones. The company has many years of experience in global markets. Naturally, our company has also traded with Chinese buyers.
As I said before, the Chinese are the largest importers of building stone from Iran. Furthermore, this boom in trade between the two countries has led the Chinese to be well aware of the high quality of Iranian marble.
Chinese buyers are very interested in doing business with Iran among the countries that have marble.


  1. Dear stone importer
    Please be informed that we are a holding trading company experienced in supplying and distributing a variety of building mineral materials wholesale just at the factory price by connecting you directly to the mines in southern Fars Iran.
    We assure you of our high quality products including dolomite, gypsum, cement clinker, calcium carbonate, aluminum ingots and marble stone .

    Among the above-mentioned materials, we offer you two best options about our marble stone mine: either you can buy any amount of the stone and import it to your country or you can have a visit of our mine and help equipping the mine with necessary machinery to hold some shares of the whole mine for a negotiable number of years based on agreement. A relevant clip comes attached.

    We will be highly glad to receive any request on your part relevant to this demand and willing to help you have enough of everything you may need.

    Sincerely yours

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