Marble Factory In Tehran

Marble Factory In Tehran It also exists like other cities in Iran. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best marble manufacturers in the Middle East.

This company is a leader in exporting and supplying various types of marble to different countries of the world. Our company produces more than 20 types of marble in different colors in Iran. We also have different marble mines in different cities of Iran.

Marble Factory In Tehran

Marble Factory In Tehran

Marble Factory In Tehran

Iran is one of the most important centers of marble production in the world. As you know, more than 200 types of marble are produced and offered in Iran.

Many cities in Iran have different marble mines. These cities produce marble with different qualities and colors. Usually, in Iran, grade 1 and grade 2 marble is produced.

The quality of first-grade marble in Iran is equal to 5 star marble. In fact, Iranian marble has the ability to compete with Italian marble. Italy is one of the oldest marble production centers in the world.

Of course, in this article, we do not intend to compare with any country. We just want to explain about marble factories in Iran.

Marble factory in Isfahan

Marble Factory In Tehran

Most cities in Iran have built stone factories. Isfahan is one of the important centers of marble production. Different types of marble are produced and sold in this city.

There are many marble mines in this city. Many customers know the stones of this city well. This recognition is definitely due to the high quality of the stones of this city. In addition, Isfahan is very close to the most important cities producing marble.

Marble Dehbid

Marble Factory In Tehran

Dehbid is also one of the most important cities producing marble in Iran. Marble merchants know the city well and have visited its mines. It should be noted that most of the products of this city are exported.

The Chinese are the main customers of Dehbid marble. Iraq and the UAE are other buyers of Dehbid marble. Well, I think customers can find many marble factory in Tehran.

Marvelous stone company

Marble Factory In Tehran

The company also has various marble, travertine and granite mines and factories. Our factories and mines are in different cities of Iran. Cities such as Isfahan, Dehbid, Nehbandan and Yazd.

An important feature of our company is direct export. In fact, we supply all kinds of building stones directly from our mines. This is to the benefit of our customers.

Because this type of supply reduces the final price. We also guarantee the quality, best price, excellent service, and shipping speed for our customers. One of our top features is the cheap price of our products.

We recommend that you understand the excellent quality by choosing our company. Please contact sales experts to receive our product catalog. Or you can comment through the form at the bottom of the page.


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