Import White Travertine

Import White Travertine It is very necessary for consuming countries. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most important distributors of white travertine in the Middle East.

Also, this company has a lot of experience in exporting various types of building stones. Because this company has been exporting stones to different countries of the world for many years.

White travertine in the form of tiles and slabs in different sizes are available in our warehouses.

Import White Travertine

Import White Travertine

Import White Travertine

Undoubtedly, most developing countries need different types of building stones. They need these stones to build new infrastructure. Many of these countries are looking for the best suppliers and cheap granite for imports.

In fact, these companies are looking for a reputable and quality distributor. In 2020, our company had more than 5,000 applications for white travertine.

These customers were from almost all over the world. Interestingly, most of them were interested in buying travertine slabs. Moreover, we have different colors like silver travertine and gray travertine.

Export Of White Travertine

Import White Travertine

As you know, white travertine has many customers. This stone is very beautiful in combination with marble or black granite. Buyers of white travertine always ask where to install white travertine?

In fact, this stone has many uses. It can be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom. It should be noted that white travertine produced in Iran is an excellent and quality stone. Many mines in Iran produce white travertine.

Supply Of White Travertine

Import White Travertine

Supplying white travertine to me is a very specialized job. First of all, we need to know where the customer wants to install this stone. Many items are involved in a correct and accurate supply.

Even the departure time of a train or ship is very important when sending an order. We need to know exactly the quality required by customers. However, according to the needs of our customers, we offer different stones with them.

The more accurate the customer information, the better the stone we offer them. But the issue of major buyers of white travertine is quite different.

Wholesale White Travertine

Import White Travertine

Undoubtedly, there are customers who intend to buy in bulk. Last year, for example, an Egyptian businessman called us and asked to buy 900 tons of travertine blocks.

I asked him what do you want these stones for? He said he would buy the stones to build a mosque. He even invited us to travel to Cairo to visit this mosque.

Anyway, we sent this order to this customer. Travertine traders cut these stones according to their standards after importing them. So, I think import white travertine is the best solution for every importer.

The Best Wholesale White Travertine

Import White Travertine

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the top distributors of travertine types. If you are looking for an excellent and hassle-free supply, we are at your service with all our services.

Our company takes on all the challenges of export and import. You can experience an easy purchase without any worries. Our most important surprise is our prices.

Our prices are very cheap compared to other countries. Please contact our experts to get the price list of white travertine.

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