Import Of Granite Blocks

Import Of Granite Blocks One of the best solutions is to supply raw materials in construction projects. The Marvelous Stone Company can be your best choice in supplying granite blocks. In addition, this company is a leader in the export and distribution of granite blocks in Iran.

import of granite blocks

Import Of Granite Blocks

Import Of Granite Blocks

Many countries are developing today. These countries are rebuilding their infrastructure. One of the most important tasks during the development period is the supply of construction raw materials.

Therefore, they decide to import raw materials from the countries that produce these products. As you know, granite block is one of the favorite stones of most importers.

This stone has always been the focus of buyers due to its very high strength. A number of customers are interested in buying granite blocks. They tend to import these blocks into their own country after purchase.

Then cut the blocks according to their own standards. On the other hand, most customers prefer to buy granite tiles. Because the tiles are cut and they do not have to pay for cutting.

Granite block suppliers

import of granite blocks

If you look at the building stone market in the world, you will find that many countries supply granite. India is one of the most important suppliers of granite blocks in the world.

The country has seen great growth in granite production and extraction in the last decade. Although they do not have modern mining machines, they do have a large workforce.

After India, we can mention Brazil and South Africa. These countries have had the highest exports of granite in the last 5 years. It should be noted that the quality of granite in these countries is different from each other.

Interestingly, India consumes a lot of granite in its domestic market. They mostly use this stone in luxury buildings. Most wealthy Indian properties are designed with granite.

Iran Is One Of The Best Suppliers Of Granite

import of granite blocks

Iran has always been one of the best producers of granite in the world. It is one of the top 5 producers of building stones. There are building stone mines in almost all cities of Iran.

In addition, Iran is located in the best geographical location in the world and has an excellent position for export. Most stone traders in the world prefer to buy the granite they need from Iran.

Fortunately, the quality of Iranian granite is very high and this stone is also cheap. We suggest you choose Iran if you are looking for granite.

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