Import Golden Black Marble

Import Golden Black Marble A great solution to supply the stone needed for construction projects. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the top distributors of Golden Black Marble in the Middle East. In addition, the company is one of the oldest exporters of Golden Black marble.

Import Golden Black Marble

Import Golden Black Marble

Import Golden Black Marble

In today’s world, most countries need to import building stones. One of the most important of these stones is marble. This stone has a lot of variety in Iran. In fact, Iran is one of the top producers of marble in the world.

One of the most beautiful types of marble in Iran is Golden Black marble. Currently, two cities, Mahallat and Kashan, are the producers of these stones. Golden Black Marble has 5 star marble quality.

This type of stone has many uses. But it is usually used as interior flooring. It should be noted that Iranian marble has many customers in the world. Also, in terms of quality, this stone can compete with the best stones in the world. In the past, most of Iraq and the UAE had more orders. While today this stone is also exported to European countries.

Golden Black Marble Export

Import Golden Black Marble

I believe Golden Black Marble is not well known to foreign customers. This type of stone is very popular among foreign and domestic customers. When we send samples of this stone to our customers, they are very welcome.

Many customers always ask why you did not offer us this stone earlier? It can even be claimed that this stone is in the group of very luxurious stones. Irregular gold lines with a black background create a lot of beauty for this stone.

As I said before, the export of this stone to Europe is increasing. Many customers use this stone for hotel lobby flooring in Europe. Maybe you are also building a luxury building. Be sure to try to use this great stone in your building.

The most important feature of a good supplier is sending great offers to customers. Please contact us to receive the Golden Black Marble price list.


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