IMPORT ABBASABAD TRAVERTINE It can be the best solution to supply the travertine you need. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most reputable suppliers of Abbasabad travertine in the Middle East. Also, this company is one of the leaders in exporting Abbasabad travertine to different countries of the world.




Finding good travertine has always been a concern for valued customers. In fact, it can be said that diagnosing good travertine is not an easy task for customers.

Travertine traders can recognize good travertine even from videos and photos. I want to introduce Iran No. 1 travertine to you. Abbasabad travertine can be said to be the best type of travertine in Iran and the world.

The quality of Abbasabad travertine is amazing. Moreover, it is produced and exported in different colors. Due to the price of this stone, it is very suitable for export.

Of course, it is also used to some extent in the domestic market. This stone is produced in white, milky, and cream colors. Some types of cream of this stone are also wavy. In most cases, this stone is cut with a thickness of 2 cm.

Abbas Abad Travertine Export


As you know, one of the most important export stones in Iran is travertine. In fact, Mahallat is the largest travertine production center in Iran. There are Abbasabad, Hajiabad, and Darreh Bukhari travertine mines in this city.

Abbas Abad travertine is usually exported in the form of tiles, slabs, and blocks. Iraq is one of the main customers of this stone in Iran. The color of this stone is that over time the color of this stone becomes more beautiful.

It should be mentioned that Abbas Abad travertine has many customers in the four corners of the world. Many customers in Mahallat countries are interested in buying tiles of this stone.

Abbasabad Travertine Wholesale


Many countries are selling bulk travertine of different qualities. But almost all stone traders prefer to buy Iranian travertine. Many wholesalers and travertine suppliers in Iran are selling this stone.

One of the top wholesalers and exporters of Abbasabad travertine is The Marvelous Stone Company. We produce more than 100,000 square meters of travertine from the best manufacturers of this stone.

Our company exports more than 5,000 tons of travertine to other countries every year. If you are looking for cheap travertine Abbasabd is no good choice for you. So, buy travertine is easy and fast for our company. If you want to buy the best travertine in the world, be sure to contact our experts.

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