How Much Does Onyx Cost

How much does onyx cost? Undoubtedly, this stone also has a lot of costs. These costs include production and extraction, transportation, cutting and processing, and finally packaging.

how much does onyx cost

How Much Does Onyx Cost

How Much Does Onyx Cost

Naturally, we all know that onyx stone is one of the most expensive stones in the building stone market. This stone is extracted and processed in different countries. Of course, the quality of these stones also varies in different countries.
There are many reasons why this stone is expensive. One of the most important reasons is the high quality of this stone compared to other stones in the market. The second reason is the difficult production of this precious stone.
Shipping costs vary from country to country. Finally, the packaging of these stones for export is another factor that makes these stones expensive.

Impact of extraction costs on the price of onyx

how much does onyx cost

Blocks of onyx rocks are mined in different ways. The better the type of soil in the area, the better the quality of the blocks. In addition, the climate of the region has a direct impact on the rocks. The quality of the machines and the type of extraction also affect the prices.

Shipping onyx costs

how much does onyx cost

Shipping costs greatly increase prices. These costs vary from country to country. Iran is one of the countries with low shipping costs. Also, onyx mining costs are almost lower than in other countries. It is interesting to know that Iran has many land and water borders.
The country is rich in onyx ores. The price of these stones is much cheaper than other countries in the world. Many buildings in Iran use onyx stones for construction. We suggest that you travel to Iran if you intend to buy Onyx.

Onyx import from Iran

how much does onyx cost

Almost all of Iran’s neighbors are importers of onyx types from Iran. These countries always import granite, marble, travertine and onyx from Iran. The most important reason for this import is the quality of Iranian stones.
In fact, Iran is located in a hot and dry region. Naturally, there is less moisture in Iran’s stone mines. This has made these rocks stronger. On the other hand, Iran is the largest producer of building stones in the Middle East. In addition, there are various types of ornamental stone mines in Iran. Almost no country in the world like Iran has stone reserves.


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