Green onyx slab for sale

Green onyx slab for sale There are many markets. But in most countries of the world, there is a variety of quality and prices. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the oldest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of green onyx stones in the Middle East.

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Green onyx slab for sale

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Maybe you are also looking to buy onyx stones for your projects. But you do not know clearly which stone to choose? Or you don’t even know which stone is suitable for your project?
In this article, we try to introduce you to the important factors of choosing the right stone for your project. If you stay with us until the end of this article, you will definitely not regret it.
Choosing the right onyx stone requires knowledge and experience. If you do not have this knowledge and experience, do not worry. Our colleagues at the Marvelous stone company are ready to give you free advice on choosing the right stone.
Let us explain a little about the variety of onyx stones. Iran is one of the largest producers of onyx stones in the world. According to our research, more than 50 types of onyx stones are currently being mined in this country.
Onyx stones are one of the most important building stones in the world. One of the important reasons for the value of these stones is that they are expensive. On average, the price of these stones is more expensive than marble, granite, and travertine.

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There are different colors of green onyx in international markets. There are more than 10 types of green onyx in Iran alone. Of course, Pakistan also produces green onyx, which is very expensive compared to the price of Iranian green onyx stones.
China and India are the biggest buyers of green onyx stones in the world. Some varieties of this beautiful stone are very impressive and every buyer would love to be able to buy these stones.
You can easily find all kinds of onyx stones in Iran. For example, white, pink, blue, orange, lemon, and smoky onyx are produced in Iran. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter which country you live in. You can easily buy all kinds of onyx stones from the east and west of the world.

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Price is always a matter of interest to buyers. Customers often tend to talk to each other about whether the goods are cheap or expensive. The Marvelousstone company always surprises customers by announcing the best prices.
Of course, our colleagues are trying to ensure that the quality of onyx stones is always higher than the prices. This is one of the most important services of our company.
We plan to convert buyers into our regular customers with our special services. We endure many hardships to achieve this goal. For example, I remember last week we received a thank you email from a Chinese customer who was very satisfied with the quality of the packaging of the stones. Please try our company just once to believe everything we say.

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