Granite Stone Wholesale

Granite Stone Wholesale It exists in most granite producing countries. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most reputable granite wholesalers in Iran. In addition, the company has extensive experience in the extensive export of this stone.

granite stone wholesale

What Is Granite Stone?

granite stone wholesale

Granite is composed of medium mineral grains that are very strong together. This type of rock is a porous and igneous rock that is created by the solidification of molten materials.

This rock is composed of quartz and feldspar. Granite is also one of the hardest and most resistant rocks on the planet. As you know, there are different colors of stone, such as blue granite, green granite, and black.

Granite Mines

granite stone wholesale

Many granite mines are scattered around the world. But the most famous granite mines in the world are Brazil, Italy, India, and China. It should not be forgotten that granite exists in each country with different qualities and colors.

As you know, Iran is also one of the most important producers of this type of stone. Abundant granite mines are scattered in different cities of Iran. The most important granite mines are Tuyserkan, Nehbandan, and Boroujerd. There is also a variety of colors and quality among Iran’s mines.

Granite Block

granite stone wholesale

In granite quarries, this stone is cut with very large blades. For ease of transportation, these stones are cut into blocks. These blocks are then transferred to factories.

In factories, they are cut into slabs by stronger cutting machines. Of course, these slabs are cut based on the sizes of customer orders. Also, granite block is one of the best kinds of stone to buy for many customers in the world.

Granite Stone Slab

granite stone wholesale

As I said before, granite blocks are first to cut into slabs. After cutting, the slabs are ready for polishing. Nowadays, the use of slabs is widely used to decorate the interiors of buildings.

Granite slabs are very popular with designers due to their many beauties and different designs and colors.

Granite Stone Tile And Paver

granite stone wholesale

In today’s world, the use of building stones is very common, especially to decorate interiors. Granite is also cut and used as tiles and pavers. This group of stone is used almost everywhere in the building due to its excellent strength.
1- Facade of buildings
2- Lobby
3- Living room
4- Kitchen
5- Bath

So, buy granite It is an important and basic need to supply raw materials in buildings.

Granite Market

granite stone wholesale

You may be interested to know that granite industries are very old. The largest exporters of granite in the world are the United States, China, India, and Italy.

The world granite market in 2019 was almost a growing market. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, most countries announced that they had to comply with the quarantine law.

Almost all activities in this market stopped. This position had a negative impact on prices. As production stopped, prices could be expected to rise somewhat.

Granite Stone Wholesale

granite stone wholesale

Most granite producing countries are exporters and granite suppliers. In fact, these countries meet the raw material needs of most developed countries.

Major stone sales have continued from the past to the present. These wholesalers are one of the most important suppliers of stone for construction projects in the world. This is very big and lucrative business for granite wholesalers in the world.

Wholesale Granite Distributer Iran

granite stone wholesale

Iran is one of the most important granite producing countries in the world. It is also one of the largest wholesalers of this stone in Asia. Providing this type of stone has many benefits for buyers. Iranian granite is one of the best quality in the world.

One of its most important advantages is the cheap price of this stone in Iran. In general, the cost of production and wages of workers in Iran is very low. Hence the purchase price is very cheap.

The second advantage is the very high quality of this stone in Iran. Tuyserkan black granite, for example, is world-famous. This group of stones has many customers in the four corners of the world.

The third advantage is cheap shipping. Due to the cheapness of fuel in Iran, transportation costs are very cheap compared to other countries. Finally, I do believe that Iran is the best location for granite stone wholesale.

The Best Wholesaler In Iran

granite stone wholesale

In Iran, many distributors supply granite. One of the best sellers of this type of stone is The Marvelous Stone Company. This company is a reputable granite export center in Iran. More additionally, granite stone wholesale is one of the best specialties.

Our company has many customers around the world. The company’s motto is honesty with customers and providing high-quality stones. Moreover, we always consider granite quality to sell. The Marvelous Stone Company also consists of professional teams of consultants, sales, and transportation.

Our consulting team offers the best stones to clients. Our sales team supplies the best stones and our shipping team delivers orders to customs quickly. The prices of our company are excellent and customers are always surprised. Please contact our consultants for a granite price list.


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