Granite Stone Slabs

Granite Stone Slabs One of the most important customer orders. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most important suppliers of granite slabs in Iran. In addition, the company is one of the best wholesalers and distributors of these slabs.

granite stone slabs

Export Of Granite Slabs

granite stone slabs

Granite is widely exported to Europe and the United States. This stone, despite its high strength, has a low price.

Another advantage is that the traffic on it does not reduce its quality. This beautiful stone is exported to other countries.

Granite is found in Iran in various forms in different colors, dimensions, and shapes.

Where Are The Best Granite Ores?

granite stone slabs

Granite for building, as mentioned, has many fans. Because this stone is beautiful and at the same time has a reasonable price. For this reason, it has a good market in Iran and abroad.

The best countries for exporting Iranian granite are Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and the UAE.

As you know, granite stone slabs have different colors of blue granite, green granite, and black. Also, this stone has a very cohesive texture.

Shipping And Transportation Of Granite Plate

granite stone slabs

Transportation and delivery of plate granite is an important and risky option in the export of all stones. Plate granites have sensitive transport for cuts of this size.

Granite slabs must be properly packed and immobilized after being cut and prepared for export. The granites are placed in transport containers that have already been prepared to move the stone.

Iran’s standard transit roads and freeways are safe routes for transporting export goods. Apart from the above routes, rail routes and shipping ports are also other centers for sending orders to all exporters. So, I do believe that granite export is a really difficult task for most of the granite suppliers.

Order And Send Granite Stone From Iran

granite stone slabs

Marvelous Stone Company is one of the major suppliers of slate granite in the world. Applicants submit their application with any specifications and features through the site, email, or by phone.

The specialized and skilled sales team in our company will prepare the customer order after receiving the initial request. The Marvelous Stone Company keeps in touch with customers from the time you place your order until the goods are delivered.

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