Granite Stone Factory

Granite Stone Factory A great place to turn granite blocks into slabs and tiles. The Marvelous Stone Company is a reputable brand with the management of several stone cutting factories in Iran. In addition, this company is one of the leaders in the export and major sale of granite in Iran.

granite stone factory

Natural Granite Stone Factory

granite stone factory

As you know, granite is a very strong and impenetrable stone. This stone is mined in different countries with special conditions. After extracting the granite block, they are sent to stone-cutting factories.

In these factories, the blocks are cut several times to be cut into slabs and granite tiles prepared. Moreover, after cutting, the slabs are transferred to another section for polishing.

The polishing part of the slabs is polished by special machines. And creates a perfectly smooth and transparent surface. So, the slabs are then carefully sent to sales fairs for customer visits.

The cuts are usually different in different countries and have certain sizes. But slabs are usually cut 2 or 3 cm thick.

Granite Stone Factory

granite stone factory

In today’s world, there are a large number of stone-cutting factories in most countries producing granite. Iran, as one of the top producers of this type of stone, has many stone-cutting factories.

Almost all cities in Iran have different stone mines. The most important cities producing granite in Iran are Nehbandan, Birjand.

Naturally, there are many stone-cutting factories. In these cities that perform post-extraction operations. More additionally, Isfahan is one of the most important stone centers in Iran and has many factories.

Nehbandan is another southern province of Iran and has many granite mines and factories. As you know granite quality in Nehbandan is very high.

The Most Important Granite Producing Countries In The World

granite stone factory

As I said before, many countries in the world produce granite. The most important countries producing granite in the world are India and South Africa.

India is one of the most important producers of this stone in the world with its abundant granite mines. Furthermore, in 2019, the country ranked first in granite exports in the world.

India has very rich mines and abundant reserves of building stones. There are also many factories in this country that perform cutting and polishing operations.

Also, South Africa has a great part of granite export in the granite market in the world.

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