Granite Imports

Granite Imports One of the most important ways to supply stone needed for construction projects. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers of granite in Iran. The company is also a reputable brand in the wholesale and wide distribution of granite.

granite imports

Import And Export Of Granite

granite imports

Granite is a very durable building stone that has always been considered by builders. This stone with its great variety of colors is used in most parts of buildings today.

The preparation and purchase of this type of stone are different in different countries of the world. It should be noted that many countries extract and produce granite.

In today’s world, finding a good supplier is not easy. In the granite market, customers are surprised by sellers with a variety of prices. It should not be forgotten that the quality of this type of stone also varies in different countries.

This difference makes the quality of purchasing work more difficult for customers. But anyway, all customers are looking for high quality and cheap granite. In addition, granite imports are one of the best trad for stone traders.

Granite Import Statistics

granite imports

Statistics show that in 2018 and 2019, Brazil was the leading importer of granite in the world. The country has imported more than 60,000 tons of granite in these years, especially in 2019.

China also imports about half of Brazil this type of stone. In addition to being a major exporter, it is also a major importer. Because China, with a population of 39.1 billion, is also a major consumer market in the world.

The next country is India. This country, like China, with a population of 1/3, is a very large consumer market for the world. Spain and Italy also came in next.

As you know, in 2020, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, most markets went out of balance. This imbalance in the markets has led to a recession in exports and imports.

Granite Imports

granite imports

A study of statistics shows that granite is a stone that is a favorite of customers. Many countries also prefer to use granite instead of marble and travertine in their buildings.

Of course, in most modern buildings, a combination of granite and marble are used inside buildings. The most important granite producing countries in the world are India, South Africa, and Norway.

Among these countries, India has the highest granite export statistics. Many countries in the world extract and produce granite. Iran is one of the best countries in the production of granite.

Iran is one of the best suppliers in West Asia. With its excellent geographical location and access to international waters, this country can be the best choice for granite supply.

As you know, Iranian granite is one of the best kinds of stone in the world. If you want granite import we recommend you buy from Iran.


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