Cheap Travertine Marble

Cheap Travertine Marble It is highly regarded by manufacturers in developing countries. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers and exporters of these stones in Iran. In addition, this company is one of the most famous wholesale brands of travertine and marble.

cheap travertine marble

Travertine Mines

cheap travertine marble

Travertine mines are widespread in the world and are mined. In today’s world, due to population growth and the need for new buildings, the use of this stone is growing.

This stone is very hard after granite and its extraction is also developing. The most important granite producing countries in the world are Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Egypt.

Iran is also one of the most important producers and exporters of this type of stone. The most important travertine producing city in Iran in Mahallat. The quality of Mahallat travertine is unparalleled in the world. Iran accounts for 15% of the world’s stone exports. Furthermore, travertine export is really common in Iran in the last decade.

Marble Mines

cheap travertine marble

Like travertine, marble mines are widespread in the world. Marble is a special stone and has many applications in construction. In addition, this beautiful stone has many customers in the four corners of the world.

The most important marble producing countries in the world are China, India, Italy, and Turkey. In these countries, there are marble mines with different qualities and different colors. For example, pink marble, red marble, and green marble.

Iran is also one of the main producers of marble in the world. The most important marble mines in Iran are in Khoy, Dehbid, and Kashmar. Iran is one of the best exporters of marble in Asia.

Sale Travertine Marble

cheap travertine marble

In today’s world, most travertine and marble producing countries offer these stones at different prices. Customers are also looking for these stones with different qualities. Buy cheap travertine marble is one of the main purposes for customers.

For example, a small number of customers are looking to buy 5 star marble. Because this stone is mostly used in hotels and luxury buildings. Medium-priced stones have many customers in global markets.

In some countries, customers buy travertine in the form of travertine blocks and import them into their country. In their country, they cut and sell according to their sizes and standards.

Cheap Travertine Marble

cheap travertine marble

I believe marble customers and travertine customers do not behave the same way. Marble customers are mostly suppliers from different countries who need this stone for interiors.

But travertine customers are less sensitive when buying this stone. Because they buy this stone for outdoor spaces and are less worried about their appearance.

Finding these high quality but cheap stones are the focus of customers. However, we should know that cheap travertine is a common stone that looks good in about 4 or 5 years. But after this period, it will decline. Of course, the same is true of marble.

Travertine Marble

cheap travertine marble

As you know, these stones have many uses. For example, marble is used for decor and interiors.
1- Bath
2- Kitchen
3- Walls
But travertine is mostly used in outdoor spaces.
1- Yard flooring
2- Flooring around the pool
3- Flooring outside the house
We recommend that you use quality marble for interiors. Because in case of problems you have to pay a lot of money to buy and reinstall. Of course, you can also use a combination of onyx and marble for interior design. This combination creates very beautiful spaces for you.

Travertine Market In The World

cheap travertine marble

Travertine has a relatively good market in the world. In 2020, statistics show that most markets fell sharply due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But in the last two months, with the opening of borders in most countries and the launch of more projects, customers are ordering.

You have to keep in mind that most of the markets in the world fell and most of the work stopped. This was a major economic blow to most countries, especially developing countries. Fortunately, activities have started again in recent months. Finally, I think customers can find cheap travertine marble in most markets in the world.

Marble Market

cheap travertine marble

Statistics show that marble sales grew significantly between 2006 and 2014. This growth continued until the end of 2019. In 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, something bad happened to the economies of all countries in the world.

Iran marble market is also in crisis. The economies of big countries like China failed miserably. The market for buying and selling building stones in Iran was closed due to the start of quarantine.

Apparently, we have gone through this bad time. With the reopening of borders in most countries of the world, Iranian markets also started working again. Recently, sales of marble have been growing again and customers are ordering.

Export Marble And Travertine

cheap travertine marble

The export of marble and travertine has a long history. Today, most of the countries that produce these stones also have extensive exports. But after the end of the quarantine and the resumption of business, the export of goods has become a bit more difficult.

More than 70% of the world’s freight is the sea. Because this type of transportation is very cheap. But after the end of the quarantine, prices in maritime transport have become very expensive.

The cost of renting a container has also risen. On the other hand, the cost of transporting goods to customs has become more expensive, and this will increase the cost price. Expensive also means customer dissatisfaction because marble buyers looking for a cheap marble.

The Best Buy

cheap travertine marble

I want to offer a great offer to buy cheap and quality marble and travertine. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best marble suppliers and exporters of travertine in Iran.

This company is a reputable and important brand in Iran. The Marvelous Stone Company is composed of professional teams in different sectors. The company is also one of the best wholesalers and distributors of these stones among Iran’s neighbors.

One of the most important services of our company is to reduce transportation costs. These costs have a direct impact on the final price. We can help you to buy cheap travertine marble. Please contact our consultants for a price list of marble and travertine.

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