buy white onyx in Dubai

Buy white onyx in Dubai Often needed to build large projects. You must know that the UAE is one of the richest Arab countries in the Persian Gulf.

buy white onyx in Dubai

Buy white onyx in Dubai

buy white onyx in Dubai

White onyx stone is one of the most beautiful stones in the building stones market. Different countries are producing these types of stones. But one of the most important producers of these stones is Iran. Iran has many mines of onyx rocks in the Middle East.
In addition, the UAE is one of Iran’s closest neighbors. The two countries have had extensive trade relations for many years. There is a good trade relationship between Iran and the UAE. Different traders in both countries are very active in the markets of both Iran and the UAE.

Wholesale onyx in Dubai

buy white onyx in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important commercial centers in the Middle East. Various goods are mainly bought and sold in the markets of this city. In addition, many businessmen from different countries of the world travel to this city.
Undoubtedly, building stones are also one of the most important raw materials for this city. Because this city is constantly growing. Onyx is one of the most beautiful building stones that is usually used to build luxury buildings. Many companies in this city are selling major types of onyx stones.

Onyx stone prices in Dubai

buy white onyx in Dubai

Price is always one of the most important factors in buying and selling onyx types. In Iran, pricing is based on the quality of the stone extracted from the mineral. The higher the quality of the stone in the mine, the higher the price.
Conversely, the price is cheaper if the stone is not of high quality. All types of mines in Iran produce white onyx. Please contact our partners in the sales department for a detailed price inquiry. The Marvelous stone company offers you different types of white onyx with different qualities.

Pure white onyx slabs

buy white onyx in Dubai

Production of white onyx in large slabs is our most important specialty. Of course, blue, pink, green, and orange onyx are also produced in our factories. Importing onyx types from Iran is a very good opportunity for the UAE. Naturally, Dubai businessmen are well aware of this and have been taking advantage of this great opportunity for years.

Export white onyx in Dubai

buy white onyx in Dubai

One of the oldest exporters of white onyx to Dubai is Marvelous Stone Company. Exporting all kinds of tiles and slabs to this country is one of our most important experiences. Usually, our orders are sent from Iran to Jabal Ali port. Sometimes buyers from the UAE travel to Iran and visit our factory.


  1. I read your articles about different types of onyx. May I ask which company in Dubai do you send the most onyx to? Send me the price of onyx types if possible.

  2. There are always many questions to ask about buying marble and onyx. I wanted to ask from which port in Iran is your cargo delivered?
    Please tell, how many days does it take for the cargo to reach Jabal Ali from Iran?

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  4. Hi, I am building a large hospital project in Oman. I need it to decorate the lobbies of Onyx Hospital. Do you also send coupons? Price please?

  5. Hello, do you have a representative office in Sharjah or Dubai? I would like to work with you to obtain representation. Please send information

    • No, unfortunately. If you want to meet with our managers, you can come to Kish Island.
      If you wish, please let our colleagues arrange this meeting.

  6. Please introduce the stone markets in Dubai. Explain what colors can we find in these markets?

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