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Buy A Granite Stone A great trade for stone traders in the world. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best granite wholesalers and distributors in Iran. In addition, this company is one of the most famous exporters of this stone.

buy a granite stone

What Is Granite Stone?

buy a granite stone

Granite is an igneous rock. This rock is mostly formed in volcanic mountains. The compressive strength and abrasion resistance of granite are very high.

The water absorption capacity of this stone is very low and it is very resistant among building stones. In today’s world, the use of this stone is very developed.

Customers are very interested in using this type of stone in their buildings. More additionally, granite has different colors. Like blue granite, green granite, black granite are examples of granite colors.

Granite Extraction

buy a granite stone

Extraction of this group of rocks is very difficult. Because this type of stone is very hard and durable. One of the great challenges for mine owners is to provide modern and powerful machines.

Machines in mines are difficult to maintain due to the difficulty of extraction. The most important tools in mines are cutting blades, which have high erosion and costs.

However, after cutting, the granite block is transported by factories by trucks. In factories, blocks are cut according to customer needs and sent for polishing.

Applications Of Granite Stone

buy a granite stone

This beautiful stone has many uses. Today, one of the most important applications of granite slabs is in interior spaces such as bathrooms and living rooms.

But in general, this stone is used in most parts of buildings. It is interesting to know that this stone is used for counters in kitchens. Interior designers prefer to use granite tiles to cover the walls.

Of course, in most cases, along with granite, marble is also used. This combination creates a very beautiful atmosphere for the residents.

Supply Of Granite Stone

buy a granite stone

Supplying granite is one of the most important issues for builders in construction projects. Granite buyers are looking for quality stone. They want to buy quality granite cheaply.

Many countries in the world are granite suppliers and producers of this type of stone. Statistics show that countries such as China, India, and North America are among the best suppliers of granite in the world.

But countries such as Italy, the United States, and Canada also have a long history of supplying this type of stone. Of course, Iran is also one of the best suppliers of this group of stones. Iran has the best granite in terms of quality with its volcanic mountains.

Supply Of Granite In Iran

buy a granite stone

Supply and production of granite in Iran has a long history. As you know, Iran is a hot and dry country and has many mines of building stones. It is one of the most important suppliers of building stones in the world.

The quality of Iranian granite is very high and customers are interested in buying this stone from Iran. Tuyserkan black granite is a unique stone and is one of the best examples of Iranian granite. Important cities producing granite in Iran
1- Mashhad
2- Yazd
3- Hormozgan
4- Nehbandan
are. Of course, many cities in Iran are producers and suppliers of this type of stone.

Export And Import Of Granite

buy a granite stone

Exports and imports of granite among building stones are booming. As I said before, most people nowadays, tend to use granite in their homes. Therefore, this stone has high sales among different countries.

Most importers of this stone in the world are countries such as China, England, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Spain. It is interesting to know that most customers prefer to buy this type of stone from India, Brazil, South Africa and Norway.

However, due to the great growth of construction in different countries, the need for this stone is increasing. On the other hand, in this market, a number of customers are also looking for cheap granite.

Most wholesalers offer granite with grades 1, 2, and 3. For customers who are looking for a cheap stone.

Export Of Iranian Granite

buy a granite stone

Iran is one of the oldest granite producing countries in the world. In addition, this country is one of the most important exporters of this type of stone. Because there are many granite mines in Iran.

Most granite wholesale in the world tend to procure this stone from Iran. Buying this stone from Iran has many benefits for them. Customers can supply high-quality granite and import it to their countries. This sale and purchase are very profitable for them.

Buy A Granite Stone

buy a granite stone

As you know, buy granite depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is climate and geographical location. It should be considered in what climate you want to use this stone.

Whether in hot and dry weather or hot and humid or cold and dry. Depending on the climate, you should buy and use granite or any other stone.

If customers make a mistake, in this case, it will be very difficult to compensate for this mistake in the future. We recommend that you consult with experienced people before buying so that you do not make mistakes.

Choose A Good Supplier

buy a granite stone

Choosing a good supplier will help you to have an easy business. The Marvelous stone company can be your best choice for granite supply. This company is also one of the best distributors and wholesalers of granite in Iran.

Another ability of the company is the extensive export of granite to different countries of the world. The Marvelous Stone Company has many customers in the four corners of the world.

This company is a reputable supplier of building stones in the granite market. Our company is composed of professional teams of consultants, sales, and transportation. We provide many services to our customers.

Our main focus is on exporting granite. We invite our customers to travel to Iran. They can see our factory up close and buy the stone they need.

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