Wholesale onyx lights

Wholesale onyx lights are Undoubtedly easier than darker stones. Because most of the customers are looking to buy bright onyx stones. Maybe it is better to buy dark colors to use different types of marble.

wholesale onyx lights

wholesale onyx lights

wholesale onyx lights

In most countries of the world, customers buy onyx stones of bright colors. Because these colors have the ability to pass more light. Therefore, the brighter the color of these stones, the more light they absorb.
By absorbing more light, they brighten their surroundings. There are many beautiful stones in the market of onyx stones in Iran. Blue, pink, green, white, cream and orange types of onyx are available in this market.
Of course, dark colors are also available like chocolate, which we will talk about buying and selling these stones in the following articles. The beauty of these stones has been explained a lot in previous articles.
If you are interested, you can read our previous articles. Many customers who contact us are looking to buy white and cream onyx.

Buyers of light onyx stones

wholesale onyx lights

Our company has many special customers from 5 continents. Of course, we also offer special services to these customers. These customers have different habits and ways to buy.
If we did not have flexibility in the transaction, our number of sales would be very low. Our factories have good flexibility for most customer orders in different sizes and thicknesses.
For this reason, we are able to produce orders from buyers of any size and quality. Of course, managing all these orders is not an easy task at all. Different teams in our company are working side by side to provide the best quality and service to customers.
Obtaining the satisfaction of different customers in the world market, from different points of view, is not easy at all. Our company has created high standards for your satisfaction.

Export of onyx lights stones

wholesale onyx lights

Our colleagues in other countries are well aware of the challenges of exporting onyx stones. One of the most important challenges in exporting these stones is their transportation.
Considering the price of these stones, as professional exporters, we must take the issue of transportation very seriously. In the part of picking stones in trolleys and containers, we must have maximum accuracy.
In choosing the transfer route to the customer’s warehouse, we should always try to choose the shortest way. Orders must reach customers as soon as possible. This is one of the important factors and services of our company for customers.
So, wholesale onyx lights are our specialty.


  1. It was interesting. I believe that the challenges in different countries of the world for export are different from each other.

  2. Most countries in the world import onyx from China. Are your stones better than the Chinese?

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