Travertine White Stone Sale

Travertine White Stone Sale It is one of our most important specialties. The Marvelous Stone company with white travertine mines is one of the largest suppliers of this stone. Our company is also the largest distributor and exporter of white granite.

travertine white stone saler

What Is White Travertine And How Is It Produced?

Travertine is a type of limestone that is stored by mineral springs, especially hot springs. With the process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, it often forms in the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave.
This limestone is available in white, tan, cream, brown, red, and even rusty colors. Its applications are used in wall cladding, interior, and exterior floor surfaces, as well as paving for the pool area.
White travertine customers often use this stone for interiors and facades.

travertine white stone saler

White Travertine Mines In Iran

Mines supplying white travertine are located in Abbasabad, Abyaneh, and Qutb neighborhoods in Iran. The white type of travertine stone differs from other travertine stones in quality, density, porosity, and hardness for suppliers and customers.
White travertine suppliers have considered various factors to determine the price of this magnificent stone, including Stone analysis, different colors and designs, porosity, diameter, dimensions, and type of processing.

travertine white stone sale

Sale Super White Travertine

This beautiful stone has many customers in Iran and the world. Iran has always been present in the international markets for buying and selling stones and has a stable position.
That’s why white travertine has so many foreign customers. Extensive sales of this type of stone require day and night work in the white travertine quarry. The quality of this group of travertines is very important for customers and they trust the quality of this stone in Iran.

White Travertine Stone Sale Blocks And Slabs

As I said before, this type of stone has a lot of foreign customers. It is important to know that buy travertine is very beneficial for traders who buy in bulk. Because they can supply travertine at a very low price and import it into their country and make a lot of profits.

Travertine White Stone Sale

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the sales experts of this group of stones in Asia. Our company quickly prepares customer orders from travertine mines and prepares the stone for shipping after polishing and cutting. Our customers have full confidence in the quality of our stone.
On the other hand, the price of this stone is very low.
Our professional team of consultants will help you choose the best stone you need. Please contact us to request a white travertine price list.


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