Marble Stone Buyers

Marble Stone Buyers There are so many in the world. The Marvelous stone company can be the best choice of marble buyers in the world. This company is one of the best wholesalers and distributors of marble in Iran. In addition, the company has extensive experience in exporting this stone.

marble stone buyers

Marble Stone Buyers

marble stone buyers

Marble buyers from all over the world want this beautiful stone. This type of stone is one of the most sought after building and decorative stones. The beauty, quality, and cost-effectiveness of marble have attracted many customers.

The interesting point is most customers want to buy white marble. We have many colors like red marble, pink marble, and yellow marble in the world. More additionally, some consumers looking for 5 star marble. These stones are really expensive.

Marble Mines In The World

marble stone buyers

Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of marble in Asia. Other Asian and European countries also have marble mines. Italy, China, Afghanistan, India, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, and Egypt are the largest suppliers of marble in the world. Even, the variety of marble in Iran is more than other countries producing marble.

Distribution Of Marble Mines In Iran

marble stone buyers

Most of the mines in Lorestan province are building stone mines, especially marble. The total number of marble and porcelain mines is 68 and the highest number of mines among the provinces of the country.

Lorestan holds 28% of Iran’s stone industry reserves and 3% of the world’s stone reserves. They provide a marble block for sale.

Dimensions Of Marble In Iran

marble stone buyers

We have the existence of many marble mines in Iran, different dimensions and shapes of marble can be found in quarries. To satisfy the customer, suppliers supply marble according to their demand in the marble factory.

They also provide the dimensions required by the customer for convenient transportation for domestic and foreign orders. However, the marble required by customers is cut into a slab, marble tile, and other dimensions.

Countries Importing Iranian Marble In The World

marble stone buyers

Due to its popularity, special features, and applications that marble has, it has many customers inside and outside Iran. Another reason for the high demand for marble stone buyers from Iran is the variety of colors, quality, and price.

India, China, Turkey, Pakistan, and especially European countries are the biggest marble importers in the world.

Export Of Marble From Iran

marble stone buyers

Given that Iran is one of the best suppliers of marble in the world. The export of this particular stone is a large part of national income.

Part of the export of this stone takes place directly by placing orders to the mine owners. But part of it is ordered by customers who are usually major suppliers in their own country. In Iran, in addition to mine owners, many suppliers export this product.

Marble customers’ orders are sent to them in various dimensions and sizes. The supplier is committed to sending orders safely and without defects along with product insurance.

Marble Prices In Iran

marble stone buyers

Better appearance and longevity of marble compared to other stones make its price different from other types of stones.

Also, the variety in dimensions, color, and mineral extracted from it are other factors affecting the price of this popular stone. Another factor that makes the price of marble different is its use in different places.

Marble stone buyers in the interior, exterior, or decoration has different prices. In order for the final price of marble, all the factors influencing the price must be examined and determined.

Export Marble Packaging

marble stone buyers

Packaging of export goods is one of the most important factors in sending orders to foreign customers. As you know, the type of packaging is a direct factor affecting the cost of the product.

A large part of customers’ concern for order delivery is related to the type of safe and secure packaging of the product. High customer satisfaction with receiving a healthy and flawless product is one of the results of suppliers’ proper packaging methods.

The type of packaging and shipping of marble also depends on many factors. Such as the number of sheets in the carton, area, weight, number of cartons, area, and weight in the pallet, etc.

Of course, the shipping method is also very important in sending orders correctly and without defects. The use of trailers with containers also ensures the health of the product to a high degree.

Methods Of Transporting And Sending Marble Tiles

marble stone buyers

As mentioned, methods of transporting and sending cargo in the export of various stones are important options. Sending marble should be done very carefully due to its smooth and polished surface and avoiding the possibility of its vulnerability.

Iran is considered a bridge between Asia and Europe. Due to Iran’s location on this communication highway, sending orders can be done with different types of transportation.

Moreover, Iran is in the transit route of many international trucks due to its location having standard roads and freeways. It possible for Iran to access customers’ orders in any way by accessing the road, rail, air, and sea routes.

Depending on the geographical location of the country holding the marble order, the type of shipping and transportation will be determined. The existence of a common border between Iran and Turkey allows the order of European and African customers.

India, China, and East Asia can also receive their orders by sea, despite the shipping ports in southern Iran. Central Asian countries can also place their marble orders despite Iran’s shared borders with Russia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Obligations Of Marble Suppliers

marble stone buyers

Suppliers are required to provide exactly the same marble with customer specifications. Providing insurance for the customer’s order is also the responsibility of the supplier. So, marble stone buyers and sellers have different roles.

How To Order Marble

marble stone buyers

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the most important suppliers of marble in Iran. Our company’s specialized and skilled sales team will respond to your request as soon as possible, taking into account all the rules and rights of customers in the international arena.

Customers can register their requests via the site, email, or by phone to place their order in any quality and dimensions. Our company’s best sales team will prepare your order in the shortest possible time and send it to customers with neat packaging.

As well as a reasonable cost as soon as possible. We will also be in touch with customers to ensure timely, safe, and flawless order delivery until delivery.

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