Marble Exports By Country

Marble Exports By Country These statistics are different in different years. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers in Iran. This company is a leader in exporting all kinds of marbles to different countries of the world.

marble exports by country

The Most Important Manufacturers Of Marble

marble exports by country

As you know, many countries have marble mines. These countries exist on different continents. This stone has a great variety of materials and colors in different countries of the world.

But the most important marble producing countries in the world are China, India, Italy, and Turkey. Marble exports are very high in these countries. These countries have modern machinery and equipment and skilled labor in the field of extraction.

They can meet the marble needs of many parts of the world. China is a big economic giant in today’s world and a developed country. The Chinese conquered different markets of the world in different goods.

India, like China, has seen significant growth in marble production and extraction in recent years. Italy is also a global brand in marble and produces 5 star marble in the world.

Marble Exports By Country

Marble Exports By Country

Statistics show that in 2018, China was the largest exporter of marble in the world. Italy was in second place. Turkey is also in third place. Today, Turkey is a reputable supplier in the world.

It has been able to gain more trust from European countries and has created a good market for itself. Turkey also has good and relatively cheap access to European countries.

Stone traders in Turkey are suppliers to the continents of Europe and the United States. Although this country has good mines, it often procures its marble from Iran.

They buy and cut marble blocks from Iran and export them under their own brand after polishing. However, this is also one of the supply and export methods. Spain is also an important supplier in Europe. Spain, like Italy, has high-quality marble and can meet part of Europe’s needs.

Iran Is The Best Supplier Of Marble

marble exports by country

Iran is one of the best and most important suppliers of marble in West Asia. Iranian marble is very high quality and durable stone. This stone can compete with the best examples in the world.

Marble mines in Iran can produce and extract marble with different colors. Like green marble, blue marble and golden black marble are the most famous of them.

On the other hand, its excellent and cheap price has caused even the Chinese to supply this stone from Iran. In addition, Iran can meet customer orders in the shortest time by accessing international waters and roads.

We recommend that you supply this stone from Iran if you intend to operate in the marble market. So, I hope you enjoy reading Marble Exports by Country.

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