Iran Onyx Stone Suppliers

Iran Onyx Stone Suppliers Undoubtedly, Onyx is one of the largest shopping markets for customers. Naturally, Iran is a great power among the producing countries with its abundant reserves and abundant mines. You can easily buy all kinds of onyx stones in the Iranian stone market.

Iran Onyx Stone Suppliers

Iran Onyx Stone Suppliers

Iran is one of the most important producers of building stones in the world. The history of building stone extraction in Iran is related to the distant past. In fact, Iran is a country with a very old history and civilization. Moreover, in the distant past in Iran, onyx stones and marble were used to build palaces.

These stones have amazing beauty and can calm the environment. These stones are still used in most royal buildings nowadays.

Onyx Distribution In Iran

Iran onyx stone suppliers

As you know, onyx types are extracted in different cities of Iran. Usually, these blocks are transferred to Isfahan for processing. These stones are processed in factories in different industrial towns. It is interesting to know that these stones are produced and offered in different colors and qualities. Many customers travel to this province to buy these stones.

Major Distribution Of Onyx Stones

Iran onyx stone suppliers

If you want to import onyx types to your country, you must buy from Iran. Do you have doubts? Are you worried? Please put your doubts and worries aside and contact the suppliers of these stones in Iran. Well, I promise you, as you can see in the pictures, you will buy the best types of onyx.

Of course, I hope you pay enough attention to our proposal. You may want to know more about the micro-advantages of this stone than Iran. At least 10 articles about these benefits have been published on our website. You can read them all.

The Best Onyx Supplier In Iran

Iran onyx stone suppliers

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best wholesalers of onyx types in Iran. Our partners do their best to satisfy you. So, we offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses with the best quality.


  1. From the order tracking process to the delivery of the stone I need, I am very satisfied with the amazing stone company

  2. Are these stones also used for places of pilgrimage?
    In which city of Iran is your factory located?
    Can you send onyx to Croatia?

    • Yes, this stone is used in different places. Our factory is near Shiraz in Iran. Yes, we can send all kinds of stones to Croatia.

  3. We are looking to represent a brand in the Middle East.
    Please explain your activities.
    Explain what stones do you produce?

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