Import Of Onyx Slabs

Import Of Onyx Slabs It is always associated with various concerns for importers of these stones. All of our partners at Marvelous Stone Company are working to address these concerns for you. In this article, we are going to explain some of our efforts to make your import easier.

Import of onyx slabs

Import Of Onyx Slabs

Import Of Onyx Slabs

Most importers usually have two concerns. Price and quality. Of course, some are also concerned about transportation and packaging. However, psychologists believe that every purchase creates stress for the buyer.

It should be noted that some buyers prefer to receive their order at the customs of their country. On the other hand, some customers prefer to have their order delivered to the customs of the country of production. In both cases, the issue of price and quality is important for both groups.

Production of various onyx slabs

Import of onyx slabs

You may be interested to know what services the Marvelous Stone Company offers to its customers? In the first stage, the issue of production quality of onyx types is very important for us. This accuracy is also present when extracting blocks of these rocks. As you can see in the pictures, you can never find similar stones anywhere in the world. In addition, our company always offers the best prices to its customers.

Sell Onyx Slabs

blue granite stone

One of the important issues in the export is the packaging of stones. Big wooden or metal pallets are usually used to pack these stones. In addition to the issue of packing stones, moving in containers is also very important. Our partners do this for you with great care so that you receive the order completely healthy.

We suggest you do not miss the opportunity to buy and cooperate with our company. We gathered the best experts in Iran’s stone industry to serve you in this collection. Each of these people has at least 20 years of experience in the production and export of onyx.

It is interesting to know that our company only produces and exports Onyx in the form of slabs. We produce and offer you different types of blue, pink, orange, and green onyx stones.


  1. We have a big construction project in Vienna. We need pink and blue onyx for interior decoration. Please send the price

  2. Hi, I’m building in Copenhagen. I like your pink slab for building lobby, what is the price and shipping method?

  3. We are going to buy black onyx blocks for Vietnam and we found your site through Google search. Please, do you produce these stones?

  4. Hello good time. I am renovating a hotel in Doha and Al Rayyan for World Cup travelers, send the price of pink and blue onyx for purchase? How long does it take to send?

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