Granite Import Distribution

Granite Import Distribution A great solution to supply the granite needed for construction projects. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers and wholesalers of granite in Iran. In addition, the company is a leader in the export and major distribution of this stone in Asia.

granite import distribution

Granite Import Distribution

Granite Import Distribution

The import of granite from the countries that produce this stone has a long history. This stone has always been considered by builders due to its high strength.

Also, with the high demand of customers in the granite market, the production and extraction of this stone have also grown. In recent years, with the growth of the population in countries, the market for the consumption of building stones has also developed.

Developing countries are rebuilding their infrastructure. Therefore, the need to produce and extract these stones has increased more than before. Of course, most of the granite producers in the world are developing countries. The consumption and distribution of granite in these countries are very high.

Import Of Granite

granite import distribution

Importing granite is a very broad topic and there is a lot to be said about it. Most importers of this type of stone are large traders in consuming countries.

China, the United Kingdom, and Italy have imported the most granite in recent years. There are many issues with Chinese businessmen and their business model.

But British and Italian businessmen are very orderly and precise. They demand a lot of services and guarantees from suppliers. They are very sensitive in transporting stones and packaging.

Until a few years ago, these traders used to buy granite block. Then they imported the stones to their country and cut them in their own factories. This was almost their routine.

The Best Granite Suppliers

granite import distribution

In today’s world, many countries supply granite. India has been one of the largest producers of this stone in recent years. In 2018, the country had the highest number of granite exports.

After India, Brazil has been the second-largest exporter of this type of stone. Regarding the export of granite, we can also mention Iran. Iran produces one of the best and highest quality granites in the world.

It also exports a lot to neighboring countries such as Iraq, the UAE, and Russia. Supplying and importing granite from Iran is much easier than other countries.

Iran is located almost on the east and west border of the world and has a great geographical position. There are international waters in the north and south of Iran and international roads in the east and west.

If you intend to import and distribute granite, we offer you to buy cheap granite from Iran.


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