Granite Export Orders

Granite Export Orders Most are sent to good suppliers. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the top suppliers of granite in Iran. This company is also an important export brand in Iran. Our company also has many customers in the four corners of the world.

granite export orders

What Is Granite Stone?

granite export orders

Granite is one of the most important building stones in the world. In today’s world, most countries in the world use granite in the construction of new buildings.

As you know, this stone is a type of thorn stone and is formed by cooling the molten material. The strength of granite is unparalleled among building stones.

This type of stone has high abrasion resistance and low water absorption. Most countries with sultry climates and high humidity use this stone. This type of stone is produced and extracted in different colors such as blue granite, green granite, and black granite.

Granite production and extraction centers are abundant in the world. It should be noted that this stone is mostly used in developing countries. These countries are rebuilding their infrastructure and consuming a lot of granite.

Granite Mines In The World

granite export orders

Many countries in the world are extracting and producing granite. One of the most important granite producing countries in the world is India. Statistics show that India was the top exporter of granite in the world in 2018.

Indian granite has different qualities and is offered at almost a high price in world markets. It is important to note that India has cheap labor due to its high population.

In addition, India is developing and can use modern mining machinery and equipment. Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, and Iran are other important producers of granite in the world.

Of course, the share of these countries in granite exports is much lower than in India. However, these countries also offer their granite in world markets.

Granite Mines In Iran

granite export orders

Iran is one of the most important producers of building stones in the world. Iran Granite is world-famous and has many customers all over the world. Building stone mines can be found in most cities in Iran.

Some cities in Iran have the best quality granite. Most stone traders in the world know Takab black granite. The city has many granite mines. On the other hand, this stone also has many customers in Iran.

Most Iranians like to use granite in their buildings. A significant part of the production and extraction of this stone in Iran is used in domestic markets. Many suppliers in different cities of Iran do the work of supplying granite.

In the last decade, with the expansion of development in construction, a very large volume of building stones has been produced.

Export Of Granite In The World

granite export orders

Today, many countries produce and extract granite. Some of these countries have already been mentioned. In this section, I want to explain about the export of granite in Iran.

Many customers of building stones in Iran are looking to buy granite. In fact, they know very well that Iranian granite is very high quality. More importantly, they are looking for cheap granite.

Shipping costs are high in many granite producing countries. This affects the final price and raises the price. The price of granite in Iran is cheaper than other producing countries for many reasons.

Those factors include cheap labor, cheap fuel costs, cheap transportation costs. All these factors make the final price lower. Customers are also looking for cheap and quality granite. They are eager to supply granite from Iran.

Granite Export Orders

Granite Export Orders

Granite export orders are sent to most suppliers in granite producing countries. Fortunately, these orders have increased in the last two months after the end of the quarantine period.

By the beginning of 2020, we had no idea what the future held with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. However, by controlling the market conditions, most countries in the world reopened.

But the outbreak of this virus had severe negative effects on this market in the world. The severe economic downturn in most countries of the world caused most businesses to collapse.

Moreover, with the resumption of work in recent months, the situation is almost changing. Buyers resumed their business and construction projects were reactivated. Granite export orders It started again and we hope the situation will get better.


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