Granite Export Import

Granite Export Import One of the main needs of manufacturers. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the leading suppliers in Iran. This company specializes in exporting this stone to different countries of the world.

granite export import

Granite Import

granite export import

Granite is a very beautiful and durable stone. Nowadays, the use of this stone has become very common among manufacturers. This natural stone is extracted from mines and produced in many countries.

It should be noted that this type of stone has many customers in the world. In most countries, the development of construction requires a lot of raw materials.

That’s why these countries are importing raw materials. Granite is also one of the raw materials they need. In 2013, India was the world’s largest producer of 800,000 tons of granite.

Export Granite Stone

granite export import

Many countries in the world produce granite. It is interesting to know that India is one of the top granite producing countries in the world. The granite of this country is available in different qualities and in various colors in the markets. Also, buy granite is growing worldwide.

Iran is also one of the most important producers of this rock group in Asia. Iranian granite is mostly exported to countries such as Iraq, the UAE, China, and Turkey. The quality of Iranian granite is very high and it is cheaper compared to the prices of other countries.

Granite Export Import

granite export import

As you know, granite export has a long history in Iran. As I said before, Iranian granite has many customers in all four corners of the world. The cities of Isfahan, Zanjan, Arak, Birjand, and Nehbandan are the most important centers of granite production in Iran.

Most stone traders prefer to buy Iranian granite. This stone is sold in Iran at a very low price and of course, it has a high quality. On the other hand, Iran is the best country to buy stone due to its location between the east and west of the world. Because customers receive their orders in the shortest time.


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