Export Travertine

Export Travertine It is one of the big businesses in the world today. The Marvelous Stone Company is a leader in travertine exports from Iran. The company is also a reputable and wholesale supplier of travertine. Exporting travertine is one of our most important specialties.

export travertine

Export Of Travertine Blocks In The World

export travertine

The travertine block is actually the first product of this stone after mining. In different countries, these blocks are available in different qualities and colors.

It can be said that it is considered raw material and it is export is common in most producing countries. Turkey is one of the most important exporters of this type of stone.

Turkish travertine is one of the good types of this stone. Of course, the best travertine in the world belongs to Iran. Experts believe that the quality of travertine in Iran is unique and ranks first in the world.

However, the export of travertine blocks in Iran has decreased for several years for various reasons. But many countries still export large blocks of this stone.

Export Of Travertine Slabs And Tiles

export travertine

Statistics in 2015 show that Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Egypt have the largest exports of travertine in the world. In addition, these countries have huge reserves of this type of rock.

Some big buyers like China prefer to buy travertine blocks. They cut or export these blocks according to their own standards or take them to China. On the other hand, most customers prefer to buy travertine in the form of slabs or tiles.

Because they no longer have to pay for cutting and polishing. Naturally, the export statistics of travertine slabs and tiles are always higher than the block of this stone.

Export Travertine

export travertine

Travertine is one of the most important stones in the construction industry. This group of stones always has many customers around the world. As you know, by the end of 2019, travertine export was flowing naturally.

But at the beginning of 2020, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the world economy entered a severe recession. Many countries have closed their borders to foreign travelers and foreign goods.

Exports and imports stopped in most countries of the world and the countries were in quarantine. Travertine markets also fell sharply. Fortunately, in most countries of the world, the quarantine period is over and the markets are open. Of course, it will take time for these markets to return to normal.

One Of The Best Exporters In Iran

export travertine

There are many travertine suppliers and wholesalers in Iran. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best exporters of travertine in Iran. The company is a reputable supplier and one of the main wholesalers of travertine in this country.

The main priority of this company is honesty with customers and providing quality and cheap stones for buyers. Another important goal of the Marvelous stone company is the safe transportation of orders along with the insurance policies of the stones.

Our company is composed of professional teams to be able to eliminate all customer concerns during the purchase process. So, export travertine is one of the best specials in Iran. Please contact our consultants to receive our product catalog.

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