Buy Pink Onyx

Buy Pink Onyx With good price and good quality is always the concern of customers. In fact, pink onyx is one of the most beautiful types of building stones in the building stones market in the world. Many buyers of these stones are from Arab countries in the Persian Gulf.

buy pink onyx

Buy Pink Onyx

Buy Pink Onyx

It might be interesting to know that pink onyx is produced in different countries of the world. Undoubtedly, the price of these stones also varies in different countries of the world. You are probably one of the buyers of this stone and you would like to know more about it.

Pink onyx is often used in the interiors of buildings. Sometimes seen in the kitchen and sometimes in the bathroom. Most of our colleagues use this stone and all kinds of black marble for interiors. Pink onyx is often produced in the form of slabs. Some buyers even buy these stones in blocks.

Buy And Sell Pink Onyx

buy pink onyx

Iran is one of the largest producers of pink onyx in the world. This stone is produced with very high quality in Iran. There are many domestic buyers of pink onyx in Iran and they use this stone for various purposes. But importers of pink marble from Iran are often looking to buy pink-colored onyx.

Of course, I forgot to explain that this stone is produced and processed in Iran in two ways. The first method is to paint these stones and in the second method, these stones are sold with natural color. Both models of these stones exist in Iran and are sold.

Wholesale Pink Onyx

buy pink onyx

If you are looking to buy bulk types of onyx with different colors and qualities, let us make you an offer. Our company offers you the best quality, the best price, and the best service. Many buyers contact our company daily and intend to buy onyx types. We use all our 10 years of experience in exporting for excellent services to you.


  1. Is pink onyx suitable for bathroom or kitchen?
    On the other hand, we also have a 200-meter lobby. Do you think using this stone is suitable for the lobby wall?

  2. They are very beautiful stones. Please tell, where is the mine of these stones?
    Do you have a pink onyx mine?
    What is the price of the export block of these stones per ton?

    • The mines of these stones are in different cities such as Azerbaijan, Tabriz, Kerman, and Isfahan.

  3. Can we buy pink onyx mines in Iran?
    Please also explain the investment conditions in Iran.

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