5-Star Marble And Granite

5-Star Marble And Granite Two stones are very valuable and expensive. The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the major wholesalers of 5-star marble and granite in Iran. The company also exports these two products extensively.

5 star marble and granite

Five Star Granite And Marble

5 star marble and granite

Nowadays, these two precious stones are of great interest to marble buyers and engineers in construction projects. Of course, keep in mind that these two stones have many customers all over the world.
One of the best features of these stones is their resistance to moisture and erosion. If the buyers of these stones buy 5-star quality samples, these stones have a wonderful beauty for their buildings.
Of course, you should be aware of the following factors when buying a stone.
Stone compressive strength
Stone tensile strength
Water absorption rate
The degree of porosity.

Star Marble And Granite

5 star marble and granite

In the previous section, I talked more about marble. But in this section, I have decided to talk more about granite. Granite is a highly resistant stone used in many construction projects.
One of the most important advantages of this stone is its beauty and transparency. More additionally, most builders of royal buildings prefer to use a combination of granite tiles and marble for interior and exterior spaces.
You may be interested to know that this stone is available in different colors and different resistances in the market.

5-Star Marble And Granite

5 star marble and granite

There is a lot of talk about these two buildings’ stones. In this section, I’m going to talk about the widespread use of these two stones. Many architects believe that builders should use granite in the kitchen and bathroom because of high water consumption.
This rock has a very low water absorption capacity and can be very resistant to moisture in these spaces. But, on the other hand, another group believes that due to the good resistance of granite, it is better to use it for the facade of buildings and outdoor spaces.
In addition, almost all architects are interested in using marble in interiors such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and living rooms. Because this stone is very soothing and beautiful. So they prefer to use 5 star marble in their buildings.

A 5-Star Company

The Marvelous Stone Company is one of the best suppliers and wholesalers in Iran. The company has been present in the international stone markets of the world for many years.
The main priority and goal of the Marvelous stone company are to export granite and marble construction stones. Furthermore, our company always offers a quality stone to its customers at a great price.
The company is made up of professional teams of consultants, sales, and transportation. Our consultants offer free advice to esteemed buyers to choose the right stone. For more information, please contact us.

5-Star Marble And Granite

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